Vitamin D and Vitamin K: What are the key selling points for this product? D-net becomes public utility and planetary neural network by Recruitment has always been his field of passion and leading a new breed of recruiters would enable him to share his knowledge and techniques. This module also features presentations highlighting the relationship between key minerals and your own personal health and longevity.

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It does this to support other important functions such as the pumping of your heart and the contractions of your muscles. Falling short on your daily calcium now may put you at risk later in life for breaks or fractures. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are provided in a convenient supplement form to support the building and maintenance of strong bones. Observational studies and controlled trials - with children, young adults, and the elderly - all support the importance and measurable role of calcium intake in building and maintaining bone mass and reducing bone loss.

The US Food and Drug Administration has recognised that adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. Multiple studies over the years have shown that most people do not consume enough calcium in their diet, and that supplementing with calcium can help maintain healthy bones. The ingredients of this product have been shown to be important factors in helping the absorption of calcium into bones.

Falling short on your daily calcium today may put you at risk later in life for breaks or fractures. Build strong, healthy bones: Cal Mag D Plus puts hard-to-get, absorbable calcium within easy reach.

Enhance calcium absorption with vitamin D: Include naturally sourced nutrients: Like many nutrients, it may be adversely affected by humid conditions and exposure to heat.

For best quality, this product should be stored in a cool, dry location in the original, closed container. Calcified seaweed is a nutrient-rich, natural multimineral ingredient derived from a sea plant called the coralline red algae, which grows in the Icelandic fjords. Calcified seaweed is one of nature's most concentrated botanical sources of calcium and was selected as the ideal naturally-sourced calcium.

The NutriCert programme ensures that sustainable environmental and agricultural practices are followed in the production of the ingredients used in our supplements.

The three primary key ingredients - calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 - are naturally-sourced nutrients. The calcium in the formula comes from two absorbable sources - calcified seaweed, which is a nutrient-rich natural multimineral sustainably sourced from the ocean; and calcium carbonate, a natural source which is mined from the earth. Magnesium comes from magnesium oxide that is naturally-derived from sea water and limestone. Vitamin D3 is a naturally-sourced nutrient extracted from wool wax lanolin from sheep.

If a calcium dose is too large, not all of it can be absorbed. Unabsorbed calcium can remain in the gut and may cause constipation. The new tablet is oval shape in contrast to the previous formula which was a round, flat tablet. Round, flat tablets that are large tend to be difficult for the majority of consumers to swallow.

It is not recommended to chew the tablets. This is because small doses of calcium, such as mg delivered in 1 tablet of Cal Mag D Plus, are utilised very efficiently by the body. Since there is little waste, an extended release feature is not necessary. Since the previous formula was developed, research conducted by scientists around the world has shown the need for greater amounts of supplemental vitamin D than were previously believed to be sufficient.

The new formula contains more vitamin D than 3 cups of fortified milk — Vitamin D is important for strong bones because it acts to promote calcium absorption from the gut. Dietary intake studies around the world consistently show that intake of magnesium is below the Recommended Daily Allowances in many age groups, which means that many people are at risk for magnesium deficiency.

Adequate serum magnesium is necessary for calcium metabolism because the formation of calcitriol the biologically active form of vitamin D3 involves a magnesium-dependent enzymatic reaction.

Magnesium deficiency could impair this reaction, which could lead to reduced absorption of both calcium and magnesium. Cal Mag D Plus is a daily use dietary supplement that helps you pump up your intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D — three nutrients essential for building strong, healthy bones.

This allows the user the flexibility to tailor their supplement regimen to meet lifestyle and nutritional needs. Care, however, should be taken when combining supplements so that no nutrient safety limits are exceeded.

It is not recommended to exceed recommended dose as described on the usage direction. Some people are unable to adequately absorb calcium from calcium carbonate on an empty stomach even though they absorb it normally when it is consumed with a meal. Why this occurs is not known, although the food-induced increase in gastric acid seems to plays a role. The best time to take this product is with the three main meals of the day 1 tablet at each meal.

This product contains vitamin D3. You will learn the importance of maintaining biological balance in the soil foodweb to increase the efficiency of fertilisers and reduce the need for increasingly expensive farm chemicals. You will understand the many benefits of microbial inoculums and you will acquire the relevant production techniques for these inexpensive, living fertilisers. You will also acquire invaluable knowledge about composting, soil-life protection and the inputs that feed and nurture your microbe workforce.

Most importantly, however, you will come to comprehend the importance of humus in your farming operation. You will discover why building humus may be your greatest profit-enhancing strategy and you will discover how to increase all-important organic matter in your soils.

In a truly holistic approach, the health of the farmer is surely as important as the health of the farm. This course includes comprehensive coverage of multiple strategies to improve the health, happiness and longevity of food producers, the most important people on the planet.

You will discover the power of probiotics and the links between digestion and disease. You will receive a report card on your health, based on various health monitoring strategies utilised in the course. In a three-hour segment entitled "Reclaiming Wellness", the dynamics of longevity are detailed. This module also covers philosophical and emotional issues impacting many of us. Relaxation strategies are discussed and concepts like positive thinking, meditation and "living in the moment" are explored.

This is the module that really drives home the links between food production and the health of all of us, and it tends to personalise this story and prompt improvement on all levels. You are so unbelievably knowledgeable and we are so fortunate to come here to share it all.

Your whole team has been so very helpful and I would like to thank you all so much. It has reaffirmed many of my thoughts about how we should farm. This was an amazing and inspiring week. Such informative and passionate presentations. It was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring throughout. This has changed my views on so many aspects of how I approach both agriculture and my own health.

Let us work together for a better future, the only way forward! Graeme's anecdotes are just as valuable as the course content — don't stop. Very worthwhile course and highly recommend anyone to do it. It is incredible how generous and giving G.

To go on teaching his message and work so hard to help others and mankind in general. Our family are thrilled that we have seen the light at long last.

Transform your farming.