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2017 Kid Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town
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Simply delicious, our popular strawberry diet shakes are creamy and delicious. Sumptuous Banana Blitz meal replacement shakes. Easy to prepare in no time at all Allergens: Need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours? Our delicious Caramel Delight can help. Enjoy a cup of coffee? You need our smooth and creamy Lively Latte shake. Gorgeously smooth and nutty Hazelnut flavour shake that will fill you up. They offer a fresh seasonal menu and daily chalkboard specials.

Kids are welcome and there are tables conveniently situated close to the enclosed play area so that you can keep an eye on the little ones while enjoying some grown up time over breakfast, lunch or tea. They specialise in irresistible cakes, muffins and scones which are freshly baked on site daily. Location The Farm Village, Noordhoek. Good to know live music on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. What we loved enjoying the café food in a relaxed environment while the kids had a great time playing in the enclosed play area.

Opening hours daily 08h30 — 17h There is a large enclosed play area at the front of the restaurant with a selection of wooden jungle gyms for children to play on.

The staff are particularly attentive and really go out of their way to ensure that the whole family has a good time. Child-size rolling pins and cookie cutters are brought to the table so that the kids can make their own animal-shaped pizza cookies which are then baked for them in the wood-fired pizza oven.

Clay Café in Hout Bay is the ultimate combination of therapeutic release for parents and a kid friendly restaurant. Located in a beautiful barn-like structure — it is a mixture of dining hall and art studio. Glass doors and windows allow for spectacular views and for parents to keep an eye on young kids running free, bouncing on trampolines or playing in the small stream.

The outside area is secure which is always a bonus for parents. Clay Café dishes up a multitude of delicious cafe-style dishes — wood-fired pizzas, healthy wraps and gourmet burgers.

Delicious Truth Coffee is on offer and this can be paired with yummy homemade sweet treats such as brownies, fudge and other cakes. The main focus is on ceramic pottery painting. You can choose from a wide range of unfired pre-made pottery pieces and young and old can spend a couple of very happy hours decorating their chosen pieces with a selection of colourful paints and different tools.

This can keep the most energetic of children completely engrossed for hours. Once your masterpiece has been fired, it will be dishwasher, microwave and oven proof and ready to take home.

You are guaranteed to leave feeling happier, having enjoyed quality time with the kids, friends and family. O pen every day, 09h00 to 17h Essential to book at weekends. As the name suggests, the venue is perfectly placed within the shade and greenery of Company Gardens.

There is a large open area, equipped with a jungle gym and swings for children to run around and play in while parents sit back and relax. It is a popular breakfast spot over weekends and tea spot for parents after school pick ups in the area.

This means children have the freedom of playing in beach sand while their parents can still watch them closely. Hout Bay Good to know: Mon-Fri 11hh00 Sat-Sun 9hh Specialising in food cooked on the open flame such as aged sirloin, barbecue pork belly ribs, gourmet burgers and the South African legend, the braai broodjie. The restaurant backs onto a secure deck with a fun jungle gym set up for the kids. It has a reputation for serving one of the better steaks in Cape Town.

This is the perfect neighbourhood restaurant that has locals coming back regularly. Think of Eatery Woodfired Grill the next time the kids have drawn on one too many walls, for a relaxed environment where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. Forries is a southern suburbs institution situated in the leafy suburb of Newlands. It is well known for Sunday carvery, providing joints of meat and seasonal vegetables.

Take the kids too — Forries has safety approved swings, jungle gyms and slides that children are free to play on and use. This ideal for parents who want to relax and enjoy food and drinks while their children are still in sight.

Kids can also enjoy colouring books and fun puzzles provided by Forries. Newlands Good to know: Mon — Thurs 11hh00 Fri 11hh00 Sat 09hh00 Sun 09hh Lee is still in the kitchen everyday surrounded by her friendly staff many of whom have been at the restaurant since it opened producing fresh, tasty and delicious meals. The waitrons are amazing — friendly, efficient and they always have a kind word to the kids as they skip nimbly between tables, dogs and children with arms laden with plates.

Vegetarian and banting options available on breakfast and lunch menus. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, tea or coffee either in the cosy, homely interior or outside under the huge old trees giving the kids easy access to the enclosed play area complete with tractor, horse, pig and stepping stones all constructed from fallen tree trunks. Opening hours Tues-Fri 08hh Contact A family-friendly venue with a fabulous view over the Camps Bay strip.

On arrival, you will notice that the Eco Village offers many different activities such as horse riding, working vegetable gardens for kids to explore, a backpackers, pigs and chickens roaming free. The Eco village is a great space for city children to experience a more laid back, environmentally conscious farming lifestyle. And they continue they're dinner, and ended it with a clown attack.

Meanwhile, Gabe is deceived by Mrs. Dabney into attending a ceremony in honor of her charitable work. After Teddy and Spencer get into an argument, Spencer goes over to apologize, but, instead, ends up getting advice from Bob on how to handle a Duncan woman because, according to him, he is an "expert", unbeknownst that Amy is overhearing their conversation. Amy tells Teddy how to handle such situation, and Spencer apologizes later on. Meanwhile, Bob has been on Gabe's case lately, so in order to get out of yard work, he and his friend, Logan, spend the weekend at PJ's apartment.

Plus, Amy is concerned that Charlie still does not get along with Toby, so she convinces Charlie that Toby can talk. When Charlie and Toby are alone, Amy uses a baby monitor and pretends to be Toby. When Amy asks Charlie if she loves Toby, she responds by saying "yes" and it warms Amy's heart.

Just as Gabe is turning popular, Amy gets a part-time nursing job at his school. Gabe does not want Amy to ruin his biggest accomplishment, so they agree to pretend to not know each other; Amy uses her maiden name, Blankenhooper. Meanwhile, Teddy and Vonnie team-up to do a project, but the only reason Vonnie chose Teddy was to earn a good grade.

When Teddy gets laryngitis , a clueless Vonnie is horrified because now she must do their project. Teddy is excited when the community theater doing a production her play, with Ivy as the director. Teddy wants Ivy to cast Charlie as the lead role, but first, she must audition.

At the audition, Charlie refuses to say her line, but the next girl, Tammy, rocks her audition, and makes Teddy jealous, so she pushes Ivy to cast Charlie as the princess, hoping that she will say her line. Meanwhile, Bob has lost a lot of weight, and he is excited that he can finally shop for regular clothes. Everyone is stunned when Bob gets carried away with his new makeover.

Elsewhere, Gabe must do a report on an older person, so he decides to write it on their neighbor, Bert Doogan, stating that he had an amazing career as an astronaut.

His teacher tells him that if Bert speaks to the class, she will give him extra-credit. With the SAT's approaching, Teddy wants to ace it, so she asks Victor to prep her since he earned a perfect score. Teddy quickly regrets asking for his help when she realizes how demanding and strict his teaching methods are. Meanwhile, Bob's constant snoring is keeping Toby awake at night, so Amy makes Bob sleep with Gabe, temporarily. At first, PJ believes the book is going to be ridiculous; but on the contrary, he instantly gets hooked and obsessed with finishing it.

Linda, Bob's mother, returns once again to celebrate Christmas with the Duncan family much to Amy's dismay. Things go awry when Amy and Linda learn they are performing the same song at the annual Duncan Christmas Eve talent show.

Elsewhere, Bob struggles to find the perfect gift for Amy. Teddy is heartbroken when Spencer receives an offer to move to Boston to after being admitted to a performing arts school. Now, they must deal with maintaining a long distance relationship. Spencer says he loves her, and Teddy replies by saying she loves him too and is going to miss him so much. Meanwhile, Bob catches a rare species of termites , which later get loose in the house and accidentally destroy everything.

Elsewhere, Amy starts her own mommy blog to compete with Debbie Dooley. With Toby now sleeping in his room, Gabe tries to find a new room for himself in the house. In the end, the termites that Bob let in destroy the entire house and the Duncans are living in a hotel for the time being.

After that, PJ tells the family that he dropped out of college, but only because he wants to go attend culinary school. Fred Willard as Herb. Logan Moreau will guest star as Toby Duncan throughout the fourth season. Luke Benward also recurred in a six-episode arc this season. The Duncans stay in a hotel after their house is destroyed by termites.

The Duncans decide whether they should renovate their termite-destroyed house, or completely rebuild a new one. Both Charlie's and Teddy's feelings about the house are influenced by their imaginations, with Charlie talking to her Gurgles toy and Teddy having a dream with The Muppets. Meanwhile, Gabe pretends to be a child prodigy accountant named Ted Johnson, to get free food at an accounting seminar at the hotel. Elsewhere, PJ and Emmett try to get out of their apartment lease, to move into a much better apartment.

After learning that Spencer is dating a new girl, Teddy decides to date someone new as well, but her new guy looks very much like Spencer. Bob and Gabe buy an extravagant new couch, much to Amy's dismay. PJ starts his first day at culinary school, and becomes the butt of his teacher's jokes. Marino as Fritz, Chad W. Smathers as Zack, Logan Moreau as Toby.

Gabe develops a crush on a new neighbor, Lauren — until he realizes that she is Mrs. Bob tries to come up with a way to bring in new customers for the extermination business.

After discovering the school cheerleading competition is in Oahu Hawaii , Teddy joins Kelsey on the team. Teddy performs poorly at the tryout and begs the coach Lutes for a second chance. Bob tries to outsmart Charlie's pre-school guidelines, when they prohibit him from wearing sleepwear when dropping off Charlie. Teddy struggles to write an essay about her life for college enrollment.

A student from Gabe's old elementary school asks for his advice on pranking a teacher. PJ reluctantly goes with Bob to concert to see an old s rock band. Teddy receives threatening notes from a mystery student. Amy and Debbie Dooley argue about who has been teaching both their daughters rude language. Gabe has PJ pretend to be his legal guardian, to avoid showing Amy and Bob his bad report card.

Teddy throws a sleepover at PJ's apartment to forget about her anniversary with Spencer, while PJ and Emmett take care of their neighbor's pet rat while he's away.

After Verne quits working for Bob to start his extermination business, Bob hires a teenager named Beau, as a replacement. Dabney use Gabe and Lauren to trick each other to do their chores but tables turn when Gabe and Lauren find out.

Amy goes overboard with Charlie's birthday party. Teddy answers the phone at Bob's Bugs Be Gone and helps Beau break up with his girlfriend back in his hometown.

Gabe is sent home from school after accidentally getting into a fight and becomes known as the new tough guy in school. A future Charlie looks for advice from Teddy's video diaries to resolve an issue when a future Toby gives Charlie the silent treatment. In the video diary, Teddy tells a story of how she thought she was helping Gabe after she overhears Lauren needing to talk to Gabe about their relationship. Assuming that Lauren wants to break up with Gabe, Gabe goes on the break up with Lauren first, only to find out that Lauren did not want to break up with Gabe.

Because of this, Gabe gives Teddy the silent treatment. Teddy tells Charlie that a young Gabe used to like being tickled, as this usually solved their problems, only for Charlie to end up with a broken nose. She also learns that she should always finish watching Teddy's videos before she tries anything.

Meanwhile in the present, Amy, Bob, and PJ, as well as the rest of the neighborhood, work together to find out who has been soaping the cars, only to find out that Mrs. Dobbs, another neighbor, planned the whole scheme in order to spend time with Bert.

Beau and Teddy go on a date to a Western-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Bob and Amy are planning to go to dinner with the Wentzs, but the Wentzs cancel, so Bob and Amy go to dinner by themselves and get a big surprise. Back at home, PJ is in charge of Gabe, Charlie, and Toby, and is set on being responsible for the first time, but it goes wrong when PJ spills grape juice on the new couch.

When they go to a furniture to get an identical one, there isn't one. Gabe sees a green couch that looks just like their old one and tells PJ they should get that and trick Bob and Amy's brains. The family celebrates Teddy's 18th birthday party including Beau, but Spencer unexpectedly shows up and tells Teddy that he still has feelings for her, which pressures Teddy into choosing between him and Beau.

In the end, Teddy chooses Beau because her relationship with Spencer was too hard and Spencer said they couldn't be friends because it was too hard to be friends with her for him, because he was still in love with her. Meanwhile, Bob accidentally purchases a girl shirt for Gabe, and Gabe wears it to school and girls laugh at the shirt on him and ask him why is he wearing a girls shirt. So Bob wears a girl shirt himself to prove to Gabe that it doesn't matter what other people think.

Also PJ's cooking instructor pretends to enjoy everything PJ does in order to get a good review on a teacher evaluation. Amy complains that she has to go, and Teddy is glad that she does not have to go to one of these outings, until Beau asks her to go.

The night turns into a disaster when Teddy finds out that Beau's aunt Karen is actually the woman that Amy can't stand, the one who worked at the hospital with her.

Karen and Amy have a dance off competition. Gabe gets tickets to watch a new movie with Lauren, but she ends up going camping and so Mrs. Dabney tells Gabe to take her to the movies instead so the ticket does not get wasted. Gabe agrees, but Mrs. Dabney talks loud in the theatre, and she and Gabe get kicked out. Meanwhile, PJ watches over Charlie and Toby, and also has to bake a cake for cooking school. It ends up not tasting that great, but then Charlie bakes a cake in her little oven which tastes really good, so PJ wants to forge it as his own.

With their high school graduation approaching, Teddy and Ivy come up with a bucket list of things to do before they graduate. Meanwhile, Amy is offended by Gabe not telling her that he joined a baseball team, due to her unruly embarrassing behavior at Gabe's sporting events in the past.

Dobbs announce that they are getting married and leave Bob and PJ to plan the bachelor party and the wedding. Its Halloween and to raise money for the school drama club, Teddy, Vonnie, Kelsey and Victor sing Christmas carols with a Halloween spin.

But when Victor falls into a hole and can't get out, things start to get really spooky. Gabe and PJ get spooked by PJ's creepy neighbor. Amy's jack-o-lanterns that she planned to show on her news segment get rotten but she saves the show with her new Halloween segment about Victor falling into the hole. Bob and Charlie stay at home and give out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters. Teddy tries to reconcile Amy and her look-a-like sister, Jamie also played by Baker , years after a school crush chose Amy, breaking Jamie's heart.

A misunderstanding happens between PJ and his fellow culinary school classmate Winnie. Gabe and Jake use Toby's face for advertising, to earn extra money. Just as Bob and Beau become ever more close, Beau gets a job offer in his hometown of Tennessee, with him having to say goodbye to Teddy and Bob. With the monthly rent due, PJ and Emmett search for a new roommate to share the expenses. Gabe tries to get Amy's much delayed news segment on the air, so she can stop intruding on his alone time with Lauren.

PJ stays at a hot dog cart and gets back together with Skyler. In the end, Teddy's video diary shows them that after she and Zuri brought a reindeer named Prancer into the house, he went crazy and Ravi tried to make a knockout experiment but Luke messed it up, turned it into a Knockout Memory Eraseing Vapor, causing everyone to fall asleep and remember nothing.

Amy wants to ride a scooter with Gabe around the neighborhood much to his dismay. Meanwhile, Teddy is on the wait list for her first choice for her future college. Bob goes to Charlie's school to tell jokes. Gabe discovers that PJ is living in the Duncan tree house after he and Emmett can no longer pay the rent on their apartment. Teddy helps Ivy's parents deal with the transition of their daughter leaving for college. Amy and Bob arrange a play-date with one of Charlie's friends and find out she's the daughter of a lesbian couple.

Teddy finds it hard to make the last diary special. Amy is trying to get herself a full time job on Good Morning Denver since the main lady is leaving the show.

Dabney try to stop the new kid Matt, from pranking her. PJ then gets the truck for himself and Bob gets to work with PJ selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which everyone finds very good. Bob and Charlie find out Spencer is back in town and Teddy wants him at her going away party. Spencer said he'd think about it and then comes along with Victor, Skylar, Emmett, Mrs.

Dabney, Lauren and Vonnie come to say goodbye. Teddy and Spencer sing a song because Charlie wants them to. The next day, when Spencer visits the Duncans because he left his jacket, Teddy and Spencer figure their colleges are not so far away from each other and they should meet up as friends. Before Spencer leaves, they kiss twice and end up back together.

Everyone then gets rid of their new neighbors with a marching band practice which they would have every day. Dabney sees that Toby will be the next "devil child. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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