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Top with egg whites, and flip to coat. In a medium-large bowl, mix breadcrumbs with seasonings. One at a time, shake zucchini spears to remove excess egg, and lightly coat with breadcrumb mixture. Evenly place on the baking sheet, and top with any remaining breadcrumbs.

Bake for 10 minutes. Carefully flip zucchini spears. Bake until lightly browned and crispy, about 10 more minutes.

Set air fryer to degrees. Cook until golden brown, about 12 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through. You don't need us to tell you that traditional onion rings are a calorie catastrophe. These things are perfection Spray 2 large baking sheets with nonstick spray. Place egg whites in a wide bowl. In a medium-large bowl, combine breadcrumbs and seasonings.

Add onion rings to a large sealable plastic bag. Seal bag and shake to mix. Coat rings with the egg whites by dipping them into the bowl, two at a time. Shake rings to remove excess egg. Lightly coat with breadcrumb mixture. Evenly place on the baking sheets, and top with any remaining breadcrumbs. They are often served with mayonnaise, and are a popular walking snack offered by Schnellimbiss "quick bite" kiosks.

They are occasionally made from unpeeled potatoes skins showing. British chips are not the same thing as potato chips an American term ; those are called "crisps" in Britain. In the UK, chips are part of the popular, and now international, fast food dish fish and chips. The first chips fried in the UK were sold by Mrs. Although French fries were a popular dish in most British Commonwealth countries , the "thin style" French fries have been popularized worldwide in large part by the large American fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King , and Wendy's.

Simplot Company is credited with successfully commercializing French fries in frozen form during the s. Subsequently, in , Ray Kroc of McDonald's contracted the Simplot company to supply them with frozen fries, replacing fresh-cut potatoes.

The average American eats around 30 pounds of French fries a year. Fries tend to be served with a variety of accompaniments, such as salt and vinegar malt, balsamic or white , pepper, Cajun seasoning, grated cheese, melted cheese, mushy peas , heated curry sauce, curry ketchup mildly spiced mix of the former , hot sauce, relish, mustard, mayonnaise, bearnaise sauce , tartar sauce, chili, tzatziki , feta cheese , garlic sauce, fry sauce , butter, sour cream, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, gravy, honey, aioli , brown sauce , ketchup, lemon juice, piccalilli , pickled cucumber , pickled gherkins , pickled onions or pickled eggs.

French fries primarily contain carbohydrates mostly in the form of starch and protein from the potato, and fat absorbed during the deep-frying process.

Salt, which contains sodium is almost always applied as a surface seasoning. Experts have criticized French fries for being very unhealthy. According to Jonathan Bonnet, MD, in a TIME magazine article, "fries are nutritionally unrecognizable from a spud" because they "involve frying, salting, and removing one of the healthiest parts of the potato: Frying french fries in beef tallow , lard , or other animal fats adds saturated fat to the diet.

Replacing animal fats with tropical vegetable oils, such as palm oil , simply substitutes one saturated fat for another. For many years partially hydrogenated vegetable oils were used as a means of avoiding cholesterol and reducing saturated fatty acid content, but in time the trans fat content of these oils was perceived as contributing to cardiovascular disease.

French fries contain some of the highest levels of acrylamides of any foodstuff, and experts have raised concerns about the effects of acrylamides on human health.

The temperature will be lower compared to deep frying, and which also reduces acrylamide formation. This was primarily for trade reasons; French fries do not meet the standard to be listed as a processed food. In the United States, in , the McDonald's Corporation agreed to donate to Hindus and other groups to settle lawsuits filed against the chain for mislabeling French fries and hash browns as vegetarian because beef extract was added in their production.

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