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I know my husband appreciates it too because I nag him much less about cleaning and tidying up. TaraMonster April 8, , We may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service. For example, my husband is not really bothered by clutter but hates unmade beds. Boy brings cocaine-filled balloons to school; 13 kids hospitalized FOX News. Audio can be saved even when your device is offline.

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The Funniest, Most Hilarious Trivia Game Questions and Answers

Name something that college students get stolen from them on campus. Besides on the job, name another life situation where you've wished you had earplugs. Name a profession in which rain can ruin a day's work. Name something men do today, but probably didn't do 50 years ago. Name something you might see in a country western music video. Name something you'd probably find in a baby's bedroom. Name the worst part about riding the bus. Name something a king has, but most men don't.

If adults had fight like toddlers do, what might your spouse do the next time you disagreed? Name a reason your eyes might water. Name something an adult might take lessons to learn how to do.

Who was the worst oscar host? What was your worst nightmare about? Name a store that's always open, even on christmas day. Name someone who might wear a lab coat.

Name a place where they always keep you waiting. Name a bad job for someone who's afraid of dogs. Name something you might eat for breakfast in the car on your way to work. Tell me a slang word for "underwear. Name an article of clothing that many men think women look attractive in. Name something people do to help them stay awake when they are tired.

Tell me something you over-did as a teenager, that you can laugh about today. Name something that a person from a warm climate wouldn't know how to do in the snow. If your car could talk, name something it might complain about. Name a reason a party's host might ask a guest to leave.

Name a word that you might see before or after the word "wax". Name something guests do at a wedding reception. Tell me something that is impossible to do with freshly painted nails. Name something no christmas party should be without. Name something that almost anyone can cook. Name an animal at the zoo you can recognize just by it's sound.

If there was a fire at the zoo, name an animal a fireman would have trouble carrying out by himself. Claus, Tooth Fairy, Frosty, Children. Name something specific you might order at a french restaurant. Name a smell typically associated with christmas. Name another word for "tired". What movie would you never watch alone? Name something people leave on their nightstand before going to bed.

Name something specific a woman looks at when she first meets a man on a blind date. Tell me a way to communicate without technology. If you commuted to work by jet pack, name something dangerous that could happen. Name a reason why a woman wouldn't change her last name after marrying.

Besides dishes and utensils, what else do you need to host a fancy dinner party? Tell me a specific part of your body that you never worry about getting fat.

What might you put in the yard if you had nosey neighbors? Name something the police use to identify a criminal. Name an occupation where you might wear suspenders. Name something you might see in the sky that would make you say "ooooh! Name something campers might take with them for emergencies. Name an expression that begins with the word "first. If you went on a camping trip by yourself, what might you spend the week doing?

Tell me something you put in an emergency road kit. What would you hate to learn you did after drinking at company party? Name something people keep in their car for emergencies.

Name something specific inside your car that you might ask the car wash guys to clean. Real or fictional, name someone who's known for being a fast runner. Name something you need to bake a cake. Name an ingredient that you use in baking, but would not eat on its own. Name something about his job that santa claus might brag about.

Name something that prevents you from seeing for miles. Name something that makes you feel better when you're having a bad day. What are some things truckers might take with them on a trip? Name something a family uses in their home a robot family wouldn't need Food, Television, Bathroom, Dishwasher, Microwave, Drinks, Bed. Name something that a germaphobe would hate to share. Name the most expensive sport for kids to participate in. Name a makeup women apply to their face.

Other than the u. Name a movie character you would hate to be stuck with in a broken elevator. Name something a person on a diet might eat for breakfast. Name something you'd see at a gas station. Name something a man might put in his hair. What should every baseball player make sure he has before the game starts? Name a hobby or activity in which you'd love to get lessons from a pro.

Besides president, name a political office people run for. If you were an earth tour guide, which landmarks would you show to an alien? Name something that begins with the word "great.

Name a hair color that isn't natural. Name a typical holiday casserole. Name a place where you might have a friendly conversation with a total stranger. Name an accessory that might be sold with a james bond action figure. Name something that can get tangled. Name something that takes a long time to dry after it gets wet. Clothes Is not an answer,be more specific. Name something specific that takes longer to dry, than to wash. Name a sandwich you can find in most delis.

Name a body part that gets clothed in winter, but stays naked all summer. Besides exercise, name something a person might do at a fancy health club. Why might someone dislike a family feud question? Tell me a characteristic of a man who's described as "distinguished. Name one thing people wear on new year's. Name something you bring with you to a sporting event.

Where do people often go for their honeymoons? Name something a little kid might tell you about santa claus. Name a part of the body that often itches. Name something the doctor begins to check as you get older. Name an activity for which people wear boots. Name something you'd hate to find has happened to your car while it was parked. Name a food that comes in packs of six or more. Name something teachers give their students.

If you forgot your date's name, what might you call them instead? Which animal has the best chance of winning at the hurdles? Name a public place that you can almost never park right in front of. Name a food you can cook on a campfire. Name something you might use bricks to build.

Name something the indians taught to the pilgrims. What do parents most like to receive from their children? Name a food that a parent might hide their child's pill in, to get them to swallow it. Name something kids love to eat that adults like too.

Name a dessert you might not serve at a fancy dinner party. Name something people put toothpicks in. Name something a man does that gets him in the doghouse with his wife. Tell me a reason why a person might be awake at 3am. Name the last country you would want to win a trip to? Name something you'd find in a school lost-and-found box.

Which spooky halloween character would you hate to run into in a dark alley? Name something you'd be shocked to see a celebrity wear on the red carpet. Name an article of clothing worn by both men and women. Name a TV show you'd never want your name mentioned on. Tell me an actor in the history of cinema known for his slapstick comedy. Who's an actor that hails from canada,eh? Besides white christmas, name a song on big crosby's white christmas album.

We asked women: Name something that might be orange-flavored. Name something you wouldn't want to do on a rope bridge. Name a phrase that begins with the word "jump. Name something people put on their french fries. Name a word or phrase that has the word "key" in it. Which items are most commonly found in a restaurant's lost-and-found box? Name an article of clothing associated with a foreign country.

Name something specific your partner did early in your relationship that you wish they still did now? Name something a person might worry about when speaking in front of a large group. Name the most gentle farm animal. Tell me something that is plugged into an outlet in a hotel room. Name a city that has a lot of hotels. Name something specific that piles up before you can get to it. Name something you do each day, but you never see soap opera characters doing. Name a type of professional that you seldom see joking around.

Name a good job for someone who asks a lot of questions. Name something people are said to "break. Where do you go, specifically, to find peace and quiet? Name a fruit put in margaritas. Name a nursery rhyme that has the word "little" in the title. Name the room in your house that's used the least. If your husband could get one quality from james bond, what would you want it to be?

Which movie should only be watched on a giant screen? Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Detroit. Besides alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, name something that people get addicted to. What might you find out about a job that would keep you from accepting it?

If you asked a six-year-old, name something they'd tell you about the moon. Name something you might buy at the airport while waiting for your flight to take off.

Name something that can make you look older than your age. Name something your mother made you do that you would also have to do in the army. Where were you the last time you felt you'd been ripped off? Name something you associate with andy kaufman?

Besides the star, name someone that might ride in a rock star's tour bus. Name something you would hate to go on a road trip without. Name a celebrity from decades ago, who's still thought of as a style icon. Tell me a woman's name that starts with the letter "m. Besides ice cream, name a food that can be scooped. Name a school subject that people often become bad at in adulthood. Name a us city on the ocean. Name an animal people set traps for.

Name something a supermarket keeps refrigerated or frozen. Aside from other movie stars, name a common profession for movie star spouses. Name a profession where you'd have to smile a lot. Name something that people get removed from their body. Name something you'd need if you wanted to run for president. Name something a woman might wish her husband had more of. You use cheese to catch a mouse, but what do you use to catch a spouse? Name something that president obama has a lot of.

Name something a magician might remove from audience members without them ever knowing it was gone. Name a board game people give as a holiday gift. Name something you would hate to find under your bed.

If you could have a movie star narrate your life, whose voice would you choose? Name something you expect to see when you watch the academy awards. Name a reason a person might get rid of a pet.

Name a type of cheese with a funny name. Name something or someone associated with "the partridge family. Name a reason why you might stay in a hotel in your own city.

Name a state that starts with the letter "n. Name a city you recognize just by seeing a photo. Besides music, name something you might hear on a morning radio show. Name a christmas story that a parent might read to their child.

Name something in a person's house that's left on all night. Name a reason why someone might miss their exit while driving on a freeway.

Name the month most people start shopping for holiday presents. Name someone who wears white clothes. Name a job which might require someone to work on christmas. Name a halloween costume adults wear to look sexy. Name an occupation where you have to wake up early in the morning.

Name a type of tree that looks pretty in the fall. Name something that gets delivered by trucks. If there was a school for beauty queens, name a skill that would be taught there.

Name something you might wear to a restaurant that only served cereal. Name something an office worker says they could use more of. Where do people usually seek parenting advice? Name something embarrassing that can happen if you laugh too hard. Tell me a cause that a movie star might support. Tell me a part of a bicycle that would be tough to ride without. Name a kind of doctor. Name something a writer uses to work? Name an item a company might put their logo on and give out for free. Tell me something you might find in a nurse's pocket.

If you ordered a pizza with "the works", name a topping that you'd expect. Tell me something you've accidentally dropped in the toilet. In the heat of the moment,what might happen that could ruin it? Name another word for "fake. Besides books, name something else people might put on a bookshelf. Name a dessert that's made with fruit. Name a holiday food people plan to avoid, but end up eating anyway.

Name something you try to get rid of that always seems to come back. If a year-old ran his own restaurant, name something you might see on the menu. Name a food that you wish was healthy so you could eat it every day.

Name a food someone might use more than one hand to eat. Name a takeout food a family might have for dinner. Name someplace you might be where it would be inappropriate to laugh out loud. Name something people give as a housewarming gift. If they offered a class on how to be a rockstar, name something they might teach you how to do. What profession would you want your mate to have just because it'd be useful around the house Plumber, Carpenter, Doctor, Housekeeper, Chef, Electrician, Mechanic.

If Madonna were to make a snowman, name something she might put on it. Name someone you don't want to get a phone call from. Name a cartoon character who would never be chosen to narrate a documentary. While vacationing, what might a cheapskate buy as souvenirs for her friends?

Name something that's sold at an airport gift shop. Name something you see in a room that tells you a teenage girl lives there. Name something you find out about a hotel ahead of time, when decided whether to stay there. Why might someone's phone number be unlisted?

Name a reason why someone might not want their phone number listed in the phone book. What occupation might someone have if they carry a folder marked "top secret"? Name something a person might accidentally leave behind in a taxicab. Tell me the first thing you do when you get in your car. Name something you might see at a high school homecoming. Name something a king would hate to be without. Name something most people hate about fall. If you had to spend the night in your garage, name a critter that you'd dread an encounter with.

Name an activity kids do in the car that they can also do at home. What do parents do as part of their children's bedtime routine? Name a pastime that's considered more respectable than watching TV. Name some leisure activity you often spend more time doing than you originally expected to. Besides throwing them away, name something you can do with old newspapers. Name a function you have on your telephone, that your child doesn't have on their tin can phone. Name something you keep in your car's glove compartment.

What can you find out about person by reading their bumper stickers? Name something on a car that lets you know the owner takes a lot of pride in their ride. Name something an experienced parent does automatically when they pick up a crying baby.

Name something you find in a little boy's pocket. Name something you'd find at most amusement parks. Name a sympton that would cause you to say, "i think i'm coming down with something.

Tell me who was at the door the last time you pretended not to be home. Name a fish that tastes good grilled. Tell me something at a beach that begins with "s. What might a date do on your answering machine that would keep you from calling them back? What,specifically might someone do when they walk into their surprise party. What might someone do while sleeping that tells you they're having a nightmare? Name a company which sends out special holiday catalog.

Name something you can use to get your car out of the snow. We asked single ladies: Name a kid's movie that most adults have seen too. Name a person you wouldn't kiss under the mistletoe. Name a hobby that some people can make a job out of. Name something that it is harder to do when you have too many roommates. What might you do after eating dinner? Name something people do to help them fall asleep at night.

Name something you do more of when someone's taking a home video of you. Name something you'd hate to forget to do during a job interview? Name something you wouldn't want your children to do as you do? Name something a person sitting next to you at a bar might do to annoy you.

Name something you wish people wouldn't do in an elevator. They've cloned a sheep: Name an animal with a terrifying bite. Name a slender animal that wouldn't make a very good piggy bank. Name something you put on before going out into the snow. Name something people do to keep warm in the winter.

Name a hygiene product that you hope your office mate uses every day. Name a type of beverage you are allowed to drink while driving. Past or present, name a famous singing duo. Name a famous woman who speaks with an accent to americans.

Name a food you wouldn't eat with a fork. Name something about which many people have phobias. Name something baseball players do while they're in the dugout. Name a souvenir people collect that has a city's name on it. Name something kids say they'd do if they were an adult, but that adults rarely do. Name the author living or dead who writes the scariest stories.

What traffic signs describe your life style? Name something a taxi driver would have to stop doing in order to be a respectable hearse driver. Name something a drive-thru worker might forget to give you that would be annoying. Name a food that people get fed in a romantic situation. What places are most likely to get tagged with graffiti?

Name something a wrestler would probably never wear during a match? Name a sport in which the athletes don't wear a lot of clothes. What do college students do that annoys their professors the most?

Name something people do at a bar besides drink. Tell me something a cab driver gets sick of his passengers doing. Name something kids get away with in schools today, that they wouldn't have 50 years ago.

Name something a male rock star might do to make himself look more rebellious. Name something politicians always say they'll improve. Name something related to finances that it's hard to explain to a kid. Name a drink or food that can be eaten either hot or cold.

Name something in your home you probably turn on every day. Name a kind of court. Name something or someone associated with "the addams family. Name something a kid might do at the dinner table that would probably get him in trouble.

Name something associated with a princess in a renaissance movie. If all else fails, name something people get for dad for the holidays. Name a movie that is based on a true story. Name an actor or actress who commands a high salary to be in a film. Besides lettuce, name something a restaurant might put in a dinner salad. Which man's name are you likely to hear in mafia movie? Name something you wouldn't want to lose on the dance floor. Which terms for weather phenomena could a roller coaster be named after?

If you moved to Los Angeles, what would be the first thing youd have to get used to. In the movies, name a specific place a damsel in distress might get trapped or face danger.

Name something you see a lot of when you look out the window on a long car ride. If you could describe yourself as a shape, name the shape you would be? Which orchestra instrument would be most effective if you wanted to wake someone up? Name a thanksgiving item children make at school.

Name a word that begins with "uni-. Name a country known for having beautiful weather. Why might you have to stop the car during a long ride? What's a job out of work actors do? Name something you think america or americans waste money on.

Name the easiest household chore. Name something a person might do to a houseplant to help it grow. What might you find in a briefcase that would make you think it belonged to a spy? Name something you should always keep secret, even from your partner. Name an expression people often say that ends with the word "up. If an Elvis impersonator had rummage sale, find?

Name something that you'd want to avoid if you wore a toupee. Name something you might see in a high school shop class. Name someplace you might expect to find a snake. Name something grown-ups have to do that babies don't.

Name something you wouldn't miss about daily life if you were stranded on a desert island. Other than a bar, name a place where it's common to get hit on. Today's biggest Hip Hop hits. Every world-wide smash crammed into one station. Tomorrow's pop, today Pictured: A Perfect Circle, Slipknot, Shinedown. Travis Scott's Influences and Inspirations.

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Serena Williams adamantly maintains she did not receive coaching during the US Open in her first interview since her controversial defeat. Sunday, Sep 16th 5-Day Forecast. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. However, there are some issues with the system.

Google 's Voice Assistant could be recording everything you say. What does Google say about it? Share or comment on this article: Google Home speaker does not know who Jesus Christ is e-mail 5k. Most watched News videos Bakersfield gunman shoots himself as police close in Military mom reunites with her two-year-old toddler after deployment Part of the M5 closed after horrific multi-vehicle rush hour crash Leopard cat saved with CPR by off-duty policeman in West Taiwan New Jersey shut down after lewd videos surface on the internet Bemusing moment Argentinian workers load and empty truck with soil Anti-fur activists berate Sarah Jessica Parker at her NYC shoe store Florence storm surge floods the Outer Banks in North Carolina Children stuck mid-air on Gulliver's World rollercoaster Ex-NBA player admits cheating to his childhood sweetheart times Masked gang throw rider off bike and repeatedly stomp on his head North Carolina couple drives through river of Florence floodwater.

Passport used by Salisbury Novichok suspect links him The Agent Boot file: Michael Foot went to his grave Novichok suspects' drug-fuelled night of 'cannabis and Two children are shot in just 24 hours in the Midlands, Look what happens when the Army goes soft on drugs The Queen makes even me nervous, says Prince Harry: Stop making us strip backstage, says supermodel Edie Asia Argento spends the night with engaged Italian Mystery of missing Dutch cyber-security expert linked to Actor Dudley Sutton - who played Lovejoy's Tinker - dies Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller to be removed from US Border Patrol agent in Texas who was Former Disney princess found guilty of helping boyfriend Comments Share what you think.

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