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Weight Watchers FitPoints (Activity Points): Exactly How Do They Work?
You do get 49 extra points each week to use as you see fit. Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes. Regardless of the mood everyone is in, you're covered. In freestyle, they reduced my points by 9, which basically means I was supposed to limit my choices to the free list, and for some unscientific reason, the portion no longer mattered. And I am here to tell you, I ate my share and then some of those so-called Smart Ones frozen pepperoni pizzas, and I did not do myself any favors. Thanks for the effort. Gina — January 18,

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Instant Pot Salsa Chicken Recipe (0 Weight Watchers FSP)

Amanda — January 13, 5: Jax — January 13, 6: Lisa — January 13, 7: Graciela — January 13, 9: Stephanie — January 13, Michelle — January 14, 1: Cammy — January 14, 9: Sharon M Tiano — January 14, 9: I appreciate how you keep sending these Rating: Colleen — January 14, 9: Anne — January 14, 9: Taylor — January 14, Jennifer Rohacik — January 14, Cara Gonzales — January 14, I love your meal plans and use them weekly!!!

Renee — January 14, 1: Liz — January 14, 1: Thanks so much Gina for making these plans they are really helping me to eat more healthy meals.

Paula C — January 14, 1: Thank you for sharing these plans. The shopping lists have been a blessing. Linda — January 14, 1: Yen — January 14, 1: Pushy — January 14, 2: Thanks so much for making and sharing. Jukie — January 14, 3: Please keep sharing your meal plans!! Brenda — January 14, 3: Jess — January 14, 6: I love your meal plans and all of your recipes. Anonymous — January 14, 7: Kim — January 14, 7: I just joined WW and a menu plan like this is really helpful for me.

Stephanie — January 14, 7: Gina — January 15, 7: Nicole — January 14, 9: Trisha Gray — January 14, Paisley — January 15, Lesq — January 15, 7: Tannya Sparacio — January 15, 8: Lisa — January 15, 8: Sharon — January 15, I am shopping for the ingredients for the plan! Tracy — January 15, Elizabeth Jones — January 15, Just joined WW, so this is so helpful!!! Krissy — January 15, 1: Im gonna try it next week.

Please keep sharing them! Mandy — January 15, 6: Chris — January 15, Jody — January 16, Jennifer Greene Cagle — January 16, Pamela Cook — January 16, 6: Gina — January 18, Sheila — January 17, Emily Barksdale — January 17, 6: Laurie Van Tatenhove — January 17, Please keep sharing the plans! They are very helpful, and take the guesswork completely out! Kris — January 17, 7: Elizabeth Baumler — January 17, 9: Muriel — January 18, 7: I love your weekly meal plan. It helps me plan my week.

Judy — January 18, 9: Bob — January 18, 4: Amber — January 19, 6: Amy — January 19, 7: Stephanie — January 20, 8: Sarah — January 20, Dawn — January 20, Kelly Jones — January 22, 1: Tracy LaRosa — January 22, 3: Becky Potter — January 24, 1: Gina — January 24, 3: Mary Jennings — January 24, 2: Amanda E — January 24, 6: Robin — January 24, Ann Marie McNamara — January 24, Kristin Layton — February 6, Michelle — February 13, 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Post navigation Previous post: Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes. Pre-Order your copy today! Order your copy today! So, are the next few weeks going to be tough? I do wish there was more support for people who are concerned and who are not sure about the plan. I will not be changing. Going to stay with smartpoints plan. In another two years they will be changing the plan again.

The new plan sounds alot like the Adkins diet. Hi Barbara, your very right.. Ty for your honest, touching post. Was so excited for FreeS that when it was leaked I started three weeks early. Feeling penalized for already eating lots of protein, ie recipes will go up but I lose 7SP a day? I adore your recipes and am looking forward to them to help me get thru this. They definitely will not go up.. I hope you can find a balance.. Thanks for your forthright comments on the new Freestyle program.

I am also a lifetime member and will have to see how this new approach impacts my ability to maintain my weight if at all.

Am willing to give it a try and am hoping for the best outcome. Good luck to you Sue.. Remember to do what works for you even if that means making small adjustments. One egg a day. No added sugar besides one Dove chocolate a day. Walking about 3 miles almost every day.

Wow, that seems crazy considering all you did.. Are you sure you were eating enough? I started WW December I have lost 15 pounds and am maintaining that 15 loss. But I am struggling to go down any more because I have a HUGE household 10 people and the adults are all picky eaters!! I cannot wait til they move out.

LOL In all honesty. I love them all.. I hate chicken but already ate it once a day for points. People are going o overlook that…. Forcing me to eat what i like w in 23 points will b calorie deprivation. Chevk out ibites from google play. Not as good as ww but works and flat fee of 2. I just went back to the old WW Flex Points. I feel in control tracking that way. I keep a notebook and that way I can see my eating patterns.

So happy you know what works for you Sue, that is the most important thing.. I did PP after my first kid. Lost 40 lbs I think it was, and then left the program and got on with life. Well, after kid two I came back and it was now SP, and I feel so hungry all the time, deprived.

Then researched the changes and realized how penalized I was for some foods. I think things like nuts and avocados are healthy and important, but the points are so high on those! It will be so nice to grab a hard boiled egg for a snack and not lose points on it. Recipes will be better, too, because these free point foods will take the overall points down.

The points will be so much lower with free point beans. Another example, nonfat yogurt mixed with a banana and strawberries, and either spend a few points on a bit of sugar or use some Stevia, and wow, what a low point snack or breakfast!

Maybe it will lead to some creativity in food choices, though, and more experimenting. Steamed they are gross, but pan cooked or roasted they are delicious! Hi Kelly, I am so happy for you that you are excited for it and I think most are.. I can assure you it is not the way it is prepared.. Good luck on your continued journey. Very well said I am also a picky eater, I just need to apply myself to pay attention and plan to make this work. Dear Drizzle Me Skinny, I am glad to hear your thoughts about this new program.

I have followed the WW Flex plan in the Uk and gained twice on it. I was hungry in the evenings too. This is not healthy and does not encourage a wide variety of food choices. It makes it harder to eat with the family or outside unless you cook from scratch each time. People are complaining they are sick of chicken and eggs all the time.

If I did not need the discipline of a weekly weigh in and pep talk, I would leave WW. SmartPoints worked for so many people and taught moderation. This new plan does not.

WW should have given Flex as a third option only. It is restrictive and although some are saying they love it, it has only been a couple of weeks here in the UK. I will be interested to now how things pan out in 2 or 3 months tme. After all, there are only so many things one can do with minced turkey breast!

My weigh in day is Friday so I have a little time to start making adjustments. On the note of not liking the new zero point foods so the change feels like a punishment, many people walk into WW not liking the SP zero point foods. The zero point status is a nudge to go with the better choice. How many of us came into this loving veggie noodles? No one signs up because they have a weight problem rooted in grapes or shrimp.

I appreciate your input.. Those who like all these zero point foods just want to tell people to suck it up and eat a turkey burger and a can of tuna lol.. Thanks for your honest opinion, Kate! I successfully lost on points plus a few years back. But then smart points rolled out, I felt stressed, restricted and annoyed.

The changes felt so restrictive and the constant problems with the app was annoying. I quit after one month. Earlier this year, I signed back up for weight watchers on a three month trial. I only followed plan for less than a month. Carbs are my weakness so I was cutting out my protein to hoard points for baked goods, processed crackers and other non nutritional foods that I was craving.

If these protein options are now points free, then If I fill up on them, maybe I can finally have portion control with my snacks? Gotta give it time for the crashes etc to resolve! Thank you for your honesty, you have given me a lot to think about!

Hi Sherrie, I definitely say give it another try, if you enjoy the higher zero point proteins such as chicken, turkey and eggs then I think you will be just fine..

Good luck to you! I am still using ordinary points, attens regular monthly meetings as a LTM and maintain my goal weight. A regular eating pattern works for me. Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your insight. I usually try to stay away from whole eggs only eating egg whites , and strictly limit my bean intake, so I am a bit nervous about this new plan.

I will give it a try, and If I can truly lose weight, while eating those 0 point foods, I will be one happy girl!! If not, I will not give up altogether, I will just find something, or someway that works for me.

Thank you so much for this article!! Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement!! I promise you are not alone! I have lived through ALL the changes, and never liked any of them. This is the first time I decided to give it an open-minded try. I think the connect community is the factor that is making me think it will be doable. Best wishes to you! Thanks Michele, glad you found me and I hope you find some recipes you enjoy..

I will admit it sucks.. I can easily overeat one salmon, chicken and eggs! Thank you for always being a wealth of information! I turn to you and other well established sites for information, more than I do Weight Watchers itself!! Just be mindful of portion sizes and you should be ok..

Thank you for all of this, it is very helpful and well put. I started my WW journey over 30 years ago returning this year, got back to goal and am maintaining. What I have found over the many different programs is that you have to give it time. I love smart points and hopefully will enjoy this program just as much. I agree with you on some of these points! I have become so used to eating egg whites, that the whole egg does not taste as good to me! I will most likely stay with my egg whites which were originally zero points!

I do not eat any kind of fish with the exception of tuna. I do not like or eat beans or yogurt. I think this will be a big change for me. That being said, I do not see myself eating too much of these new zero point foods. I hope I will be satisfied on this new program. Only time will tell….. Hi there, it sounds to me that you will do just fine with this new program, best of luck to you on your continued journey! Thank you for the honesty of your blog and feelings about the WW changes.

I have been following the new program for 3 weeks based on the UK information. I have lost 90lbs on WW and am on maintenance and a real WW fan. Nevertheless, I can see the temptation to overeat zero pointed foods or having had zero or low points breakfast and lunches, be fooled into thinking you have plenty of room for crap in the evening.

You can gain weight like this and some people will. I find it disconcerting to have my daily Smart Points totals at a steady but my FreeStyle Points can vary from 4 to 27 depending on what my taste buds fancy that day.

I have been dual system tracking by hand on my Iphone notes. Despite liking the new zero points foods, I certainly do not want them all the time as I like variety. I have made an effort to try a few recipes and I enjoy cooking but I think I might end up with more Simply Filling days in order to have more variety without feeling guilty.

Simply Filling will allow me lean cuts of other meats and not have to count spices which intuitively I find ridiculous. I agree with everything your saying.. I am sure this is not what WW recommends, but people will do it.. Hopefully, they will soon discover it is not the way to go about it..

Good luck with your continued journey! Thank you for this perspective and information! I really appreciate your honesty and have long been using your delicious recipes! My weeklies will get used up faster, but a quick tally of my overages by day should give me the exact number I can add back there. It would get a little complicated if I had unused daily points rolling into my weeklies on some days, but unused daily points have never once been an issue for me: Thaks Sally, great plan!!

Thanks for the info!! My day is Sunday so my Ww app is updated! I for one love eggs and sea food and chicken!! I am totally enjoying your recipes!!! I just got my donut pan today!!! I am so happy for you that you are loving the new program..

I made sure I downloaded an app that uses smart points and will continue with that if I hate this plan. And a loss of points to top it off! Maybe one day you eat lots of zero points and roll over 4. Maybe that will help? I even asked for a mini muffin pan for Christmas to get me started. I have had a few days with roll overs and very surprised, but I have had days where I am over as well.. Thanks for your honesty! Your success is from your attitude of focus, clearly.

I have to be honest with myself and support those with similar feelings.. Best wishes to you as well!! I like to incorporate these things, but I also really like meatloaf, spaghetti, Salisbury steak, desserts etc and I eat them just as much or more. There are different people who work this plan differently.

Some like lots of veggies, beans, and chicken, but others like versions of mommas home style favorites. Not very happy with this change. I feel restricted… which is what WW has tries so hard to break away from.

But I lost weight better with smart points when I could choose what I wanted and decide on how many points I wanted to spend on each. Good luck on your journey and reach out if you ever need to! Thank you SO much for you honest feedback. Your sentiments are almost exactly how I am feeling. If I wanted to do Simply Filling, I would have done it before. Now I feel I am being forced into it, which I do not like at all. I appreciate that you shared your honest feelings, even as a WW ambassador.

Too many people in WW land and on Connect want everyone to just be happy and excepting of this new program, even stating that connect is supposed to be a positive place. In my opinion, Connect needs to be a SAFE place; one where I can express my happy, positive thoughts, as well as my frustrations, anger, and sadness.

All of those emotions are experienced on this journey and we are here to support each other with it ALL. Thanks for the support and great recipes!! I was very upset to log on today and see my daily points budget drop so much. Hi Chelsea, maybe considering picky a few healthy foods you do like and make them your zero point foods for your journey?

I absolutely love your honesty on this. Click here to read Sara's amazing pound weight loss story. Feel free to send Sara a message here. Cheryl, here is the exact recipe for the dip — https: Are we all working with the same packet of dry ranch mix or do they make different ones do you think? I know they make a couple types and there is also a generic option.

For the vegetables with dip snack-what dry ranch mix pack are you using because the hidden valley one is 7 points. That is a couple points if ate the whole container, but a few T for a dip for veggies would be 0.

If you are concerned you can count 1 point per serving just to be safe. Welcome to The Holy Mess. Read more about my pound weight loss story here. Feel free to contact me by clicking here. Here are 30 Weight Watcher freestyle meal ideas and snacks with zero points to help you lose weight and eat healthy. Here is a list of 30 Weight Watchers Freestyle zero point meals and snacks! Free Weight Watchers Hacks!

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