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I have reduced the amount of fat. I have two children but my problem is insulin resistance. Everyone needs liver support when dealing with PCOS, and our body will always improve when the liver is happy and healthy. Reply Alison August 2, at 5: I am thinking of water kefir.

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Sarah discusses that here: Thank you for getting back to me! I started the AIP diet a few months ago. Anyone else gone through that? Sarah explains why food reactions seem to get worse after eliminating those foods here: I never had such bad issues eating SAD food. Thanks for the reply Claire. Do you cook in cast iron pans and eat liver? Any kind of poor gut health can make it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients you eat or supplement.

Can you please explain what cooking with cast iron does? I almost exclusively cook with it. Please try this one. I reacted to the vitamins and large doses of honey.

I almost always get nauseated from B vitamins. My doc has switched me to the higher fat mixture, which I somehow lost track of — brain fog! So the idea now is to take less of the multivitamin, supplement with a good mineral combination, extra electrolytes — a homemade version without sweeteners, and switch out half the honey with coconut oil for energy.

Just in case anyone else needs to get rid of SIBO and does not want to go the antibiotic route. Regardless of the initial treatment, it has to be followed with a very strict diet that is very similar to the FODMAP plan. Everyone reacts differently and sometimes a little wise tweaking is necessary.

For comparison, here is the link for the post treatment SIBO food list. Can you clarify for me what was the initial treatment for you. How did you know you were ready to change to a maintenance diet?

What is your maintenance diet? I am in the midst of the Elemental diet. For two weeks I can only ingest not eat! Bleh a mixture of vitamins, fat, honey and pure and complete protein powder.

It is meant to starve the little beasties to death. Because the bacteria feed on a specific type of carbohydrate regular food is limited to items on the safe list, gradually adding food from the cautionary list.

Link above several months on the very limited list. Ok thanks for clarifying. My doc told me about SIBO. I read a little about it here but she has had several people test and treat for it. She gave me a kit that measures gases.

You breathe into the tube and there are little glass vials attached one at a time. Then when all the samples are collected — every 20 minutes for 3 hours — and labeled, you send the box off to the lab. In about a week the doc gets the results and you decide which course to take.

My doc suggested I try the Elemental diet because I am somewhat used to fasting and the antibiotics are harsh. There is another option that takes a month of strict food list, high dosage garlic and oregano oil or goldenseal. The garlic and goldenseal kill the bacteria and the strict diet keep it dead. I did not do this because I just wanted to get it over with. I ordered it from Jo-Labs. It is kinda yucky but there are ways to make it better.

The non-homemade version is Vivonex and it is very expensive. I go to a naturopath but the research and treatment was done by an Allopath M. Everything about my sleep patterns is the same and I allot myself 9 hours to get sleep. Sarah discusses insomnia here: And then began insomnia at the exact same time. I have a post that talks about insomnia and histamine intolerance here: I eat a lot of vegetables but still feel so hungry. Is it possible I just need to try the digestive aids first?

Are you getting enough fat? I pop a couple from time to time as a supplement and a little snack treat. I like the flavor of the lemon but you could use something else.

When I was on the elemental fast I used natural peppermint and orange flavoring to make it more palatable. Your gut needs to heal and the coconut oil helps, as does gelatin. We make a gelatin using Tulsi tea, honey and pure beef gelatin but you could use almost any liquid to make it.

We even tried coconut milk once. I eat a lot of coconut oil and gelatin. I drink lots of water and a fair amount of rooibos tea. I also have concerns about orthorexia. Coconut oil is not restricted. Coconut flakes are limited to a quantity as is coconut milk. You can eat as much as you like during those meals and if you cannot make five hours, you do four.

Last night I had a company dinner and used Gather Paleo Entertaining cookbook and a recipe from the celiac site.

There was plenty of food and I could eat most of it. I only changed a couple of items. I started reintroductions about two months ago, on a very slow schedule, beginning with FODMAPs as Sarah suggested, which seemed to go fine. Same problem here Kelli! Yes, having to cook for other people not doing AIP is extra challenging. There are six in my family everyone with separate intolerances and allergies , so we often have four dinners to make.

I have been diagnosed with Celiac for 2 years now. My doctor has been trying to put me on statins since then too, but I refuse. Says my cholesterol is way too high. I want to control everything natural by diet. I have cut out dairy now too and am trying to limit meats to possibly once a day if that. He said I should incorporate beans into my diet for the protein, but I know that legumes are usually not tolerated well for celiacs. I know you are not a Dr but what is your opinion on this?

Sarah recommends the autoimmune protocol for all autoimmune patients, which includes meat and seafood for protein. Teresa, all of my counts are better since going Paleo. My doc even had to lower my prescription thyroid dosage. I urge you to get tested for SIBO too. It is a drag to treat and follow up on but healing is the goal. I feel much the same as Kelli. During this period I have been addressing SIBO, gut healing, digestive enzymes, stomach acid, and colon bacterial undergrowth.

Of course I am now supersensitive to small amount of these foods, and rechallenging foods, even after all of the above, has not proven benefitial. I have a particularly strong intolerance to fructans but not so much polyols. Are there any digestive enzymes in particular you would recommend? Or just a general wide spectrum blend?

Thank you so much! I think trying plant enzymes Thorne Research has one and Enriching Gifts is another good brand would be the best first thing to try. It seems more manageable than the one in the book. What do you mean by cream in the table? Do you mean the whipping cream? Thank you in advance!

It seems like I can tolerate some of the foods when cooked, but not raw. Some of this is outdated. I want the probiotics. Can you adapt this not only for fructose but also for a diabetic as I am both with a Wheat intolerance also! I developed symptoms of food intolerance after cancer treatment colorectal. Before that I ate a varied diet without pain, bloating and misery.

Of course one of the methods of encouraging a return to intestinal normalcy is fiber. I finally figured out that it was part of the problem. Do you have cancer survivors experience this? Does their gut ever calm down? I think I am doing all kinds of positive things and then I learn something that whacks me in the head. I have been eating cabbage weekly. Sauteed like ribbons in a pan with coconut oil and spices.

Sprinkled with Parmesan sometimes. I thought I was doing a good thing. Where can I find a KETO nutritionist to review my meal plans without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars?? I keep hearing that cutting out fodmaps should not be a permanent solution because it starves the good and bad bacteria in the gut. The idea is that they ought be excluded for a certain amount of time and then slowly reintroduced. This has not been my experience, but I am interested to know if Paleomom has an opinion on the issue?

Potatoes are good for health. There is plenty of evidence for this. Going to start reading Paleo Approach tonight, just got it. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! I have had digestive issues for years relying on local Doctors advice…..

I am doing so much better! I was going to propose to one of you……. Seriously, thanks for what you do. And just stick with the ones I got the allergy? I have been working with a funtional medicine doctor for lyme, mold and gut issues. I have borderline SIBO, but enough to cause me some symptoms. You have to get to the root cause of the SIBO possibly take antimicrobials and deal with motility issues.

If you have not figured out the root cause then it will just come back when you re-introduce foods. There is just a lot more to it than that and being on such a restrictive diet for so long is just not a good solution.

For me lyme and mold exposure has made me susceptible to SIBO. I have done so many elimination diets! The symptoms always come back in my case. I make a living as a pianist, and have had some inflammation in my finger joints. I can play without pain. In cutting out nightshades, have I cut out lectins, or solanine? Limiting food is not good, I know from experience. If I cut out both…. For the last 15 years I am taking Seroxat 20mg every day. I am 60 years old now. I was soo happy.

The quality of my life has changed, I have abdominal pain every day. Avoid to go to restaurants or social dinners because the moment I eat the diarrhea starts.

I took all kind of medications pain killers, kolestramine, Immodium plus, 2 kinds of antidepressants and Duspataline but nothing helped the diarrhea although the pain got better. Now I stopped all the medication except the Seroxat the pain is back. I am going to try the Fodmaps Diet hope it will help me.

Do you think the sleeve gastrectomy is responsible for this?? D twice a day and vit D3 mg. Does this affect me too? I worked with her on an elimination diet and some high level probiotics and I am happy to say I am allergy free now! Also with naturopathy, they work with your body chemistry and focus on healing and strengthening it instead of changing the body chemistry through drugs. I hope this is helpful! And I hope you find something that works for you.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Two tbsp with one tbsp honey, some cinnamon and mix into a glass of water. I so feel your pain. I am 43 years old and struggle with this.

I never had acne when I was younger. I took accutane and it is serious stuff. My face was clear while taking it but it came back. I was also extremely sore after workouts and it really made a mess of my digestive system. I developed candida, leaky gut, and food intolerances.

I was just crying the other day because I try everything as well, no sugar, paleo diet, adding more fats ect. I am now getting hormones tested to figure out what is going on. Hang in there girl!! It is so bad for you on so many levels. I totally understand your frustration.

I went through all of this too! Proactive although it worked for a little while , fancy shit from Sephora, Dermatologist creams, OCM, natural products and it all left me with horrible acne. So I gave up and went back to what did work and its the remedy at http: I hope you try it, I really like it. Completely agree with the acne. Only thing, out of many many many things including Proactive , that has helped me.

The website provides tutorials of a specific regimen that should be followed. It then recommends over the counter products that can be used to fulfill the regimen which includes a mild cleanser, lots of benzyl peroxide, a and moisturizer , and then a separate website, http: I would highly recommend you check it out and I hope it helps you.

Love the recipes and the rants!! I know exactly what you are going through! I cut so many potential chemical products and allergens from my lifestyle. Damn latex allergy must have been to blame. I love your blog and potty mouth first off. Second, I know exactly how you feel with your skin! I used proactive for awhile and now have control over it with tea tree oil and bare escentuals makeup.

They finally went on Acutane and it was the best thing they ever did. They were only on it for 6 months and their faces are completely clear now. Do you would make you happy! The combo could be the problem. When they cut eggs out for a few months their skin clears right up and then they can tolerate them again.

They work with your body on a whole: That stuff is so toxic! Believe me, I totally understand the temptation of taking something to fix your skin. I have psoriasis and was thiiiiiiiisclose to taking an immunosupressant. I did the shit when I was a teen and it was the worst year of my life. I was super emotional and suicidal yikes. I think you might be touching your face too much.

I have the same problem, and every doctor told me to try acutane, proactive, hormone stuff, and a ridiculous amount of other things. Turns out it was none of the above.

Have you ever heard of leaky gut? I went to an alternative doctor and he not only helped me fix it, but also was able to tell me exactly what I was allergic or sensitive to, so that I could stay off those things. I totally feel for you, and this doctor turned my life around degrees. Email me if you would like more info on the supps I took to heal it.

So glad I found your site. First up will be these muffins. I totally get how you are feeling about your skin. I am in the same place. I think mine is hormonal but my doc says my hormones are all balanced and fine. So I am going to try find a natural dermatologist and get my hormones checked again. I know many others have chimed in both for and against Accutane. I wanted to chime in myself and say that I as on it two different times and it DID help me. I hope you can find somethign that works for you.

I have heard good things about ProActiv, but I have not tried it. Good luck to you! I feel your pain. You are beautiful — sailor mouth and all! I appreciate the honesty and straightforwardess of you! I would try Retin A first. I look at this shit they way you talk about some of your recipes. Sometimes it may not look how you would want it to when its done right? Yes there are some out there that would stick to appearance without even taking a taste… F them!!

If the recipe is the same time and time again it will not matter how its presented.. Gonna make these tonight EST. At least see a dermatologist. There are steps you can take before Accutane.

My skin is so much improved now. And still single but whatevs. I forgot to mention I was previously on accutane. Lots of dryness but no other major side effects. Do NOT do the Accutane. The side affects are real and they do happen. It just might not have been for long enough. Keep your chin up! I lost my colon because of it.

I would never take anything with risk factors that serious, but of course, you have to make your own decision. By the way, those muffins look amazing! Thanks for the recipe, and good luck with your skin:.

Do not go on accutane! I have PCOS and my ovaries are all f-ed up from endometriosis crawling all over them. I take spironolactone and it mostly keeps my androgens under control. Without being too personal have you looked into these options: PCOS and other gyn crap, I notice you drink beer have you been checked for a gluten allergy yes I know it sounds weird, it is a stretch , have you been checked for any allergies for that matter, thyroid function?

I hope this helps: It started getting bad around You could always look at the copper non-hormonal IUD since you are so young. I only got the PCOS and endometriosis diagnosis at age I got the gluten allergy diagnosis right before I turned I like the spironolactone aka aldactone other than the slightly increased diuresis.

I also tried every over the counter topical, a couple Rx topicals, and antibiotics before I decided enough was enough since I scar very easily and have some pock marks that looks like they belong on Mars! I intend to have the scars worked on with a laser when the breakouts are under control. Everybody is different though, so I hope all the good info in the comments gives you the info you need to ask your doc the questions that will help you decide what is best for you.

Men will probably notice that, and actually care about it, rather than the pimples. I have a great hubby and you will someday too.

Have you tried aldactone? Also, over time, your doctor can reduce the dosage. It works in tandem w bIrth control. Juli, I have suffered from acne and excema for as long as I can remember…and I will say, this shit sucks! Not only do I have rashes breaking out all over, I have these mountains suddenly appear on my face! However now I get these under the skin pimples that hurt like hell and cause huge scars.

But I have found one thing that works if I have a really bad break out.. I use a clarisonic brush with some type of exfoliant wash. I do this maybe three times a week and it really helps. Now I just wash my face in the morning and evening with cetaphil face wash and use that fantabulous face brush. I think you look awesome though, and any guy would be lucky to have you.

Go get em girl! I have, however, had customers tell me how fantastic Clearin from Vaxa is. This is a homeopathic acne supplement that one lady bought 3 at a time for her teenage son. She said she spent thousands of dollars and only this worked. It has a money-back guarantee, and so did our store and it was never returned.

I would also suggest a naturopath and perhaps acupuncture. Juli, I have no idea if this so. It was a picture of a little girl who had severe eczema at 18 months and a more recent picture of her with a totally clear face.

I put a post on Pinterest with a link to the page with the info you may want to read. I will try to embed my Pinterest link here. If this is your problem it will not hurt to look at the page.

God bless and I hope you can find a natural cure. Acutane is not the answer I believe. You express your human-ness in a very real way. The way you describe your frustration, sadness, anger, joy, giddiness and love connects this community because we all feel those things too. You are waaaaaay more than your face!

Please seriously reconsider considering accutane! My brother took it when he was a teenager that was 20 years ago and he has struggled with pretty serious depression and anxiety ever since.

He did a tonne of research trying to figure things out and he thinks that the accutane really messed with him at a very hormonally fragile time. Just like other things that a person can put in his or her body, that shit is toxic.

Go to a dermatologist, I had same problem come to find out I had an allergic reaction to my makeup. She tried everything there was to try, my mom used to make homeopathic remedies for her face, she had daily, painstaking, time-consuming regimens she followed every day as a teenager, not fun, and nothing worked.

She eventually went on Acutane in her late teens, and it cleared up her acne for good. Her face is a little scared from the acne, but clear otherwise. Perhaps a small price to pay? You should deplete all other options first, but seriously weighing the pros and possible cons should help. Possibly worth a phone call or consulation??? If you decide to investigate further and tell her you follow a paleo diet, please let me know her reaction ….

Good luck and thank you for all of your amaze-balls recipes. Same as thighs suck. Kim might be right — leave it the fook alone for 4 weeks makeup and all — maybe wait until post x-mas and just see. The first few weeks might suck but you never know. I had severe cystic acne in high school. I tried everything prior to getting on accutane…no sugar, cleaned up the diet, kagen water, different skin care products.. Some of it helped with the topical acne, but nothing helped the cystic acne like accutane did.

I researched all the side effects and still decided to give it a go. I did not have any depression or joint pain, the only thing I had was dry skin…. After six months I was done and my skin looked great.

I still had acne scars, but the cysts were gone! It definitely is a serious drug, but for people who have suffered with acne their entire life it can be a life saver.

Good luck with whatever decision you make! I think I might know what is irritating your skin. At the time, I was seriously considering Acutane like you but felt myself bending under what I wanted physically on the surface and what I knew internally could ruin my health forever. I tried to talk myself into it, I am so thankful I did not follow through with it. First let me just say to cut out the fruits and nuts-. I notice a lot of your recipes include high amounts of nuts and honey as a sweetener- I would say to cut back or just cut out these things and watch how your skin improves.

However, I recommend you cut them all out and if you must have a nut, go for macadamia nuts. Given where you describe your skin to be right now, I would avoid sugar in any form. Your skin hates it. I had and still have pretty reactions to honey which has consistently proved itself more than irritable to my acne, even in small quantities such as a teaspoon.

I would avoid sugar in every way for a couple of weeks- including fruits. This dramatically effected my skin during the beginning phases of my paleo diet and even now when my skin gets fussy, if I cut out fruit for a few days, my skin recovers much much quicker. I love fruit as much as the next person, but it does contain sugar- you can argue about it all you want, but healthy nutrients added or not, sugar will still effect you.

I will probably get a lot of hate responses for this but I would cut back on the sweet baking for a while- you make incredible recipes and you remind me a lot of myself when I went off on paleo-baking-possibilities in my diet- to which my consequences were much like you describe, constant breaking out from mild-severe acne.

Cut them all out and stick to your veggies and meats and see the difference. Yerba matte is sightly better than straight green tea and coffee, I think. I eventually braved trying this out as an alternative to coffee and regular green tea. It definitely gives me a boost of sustained energy but if I have more than a cup a day, I noticed little acne flare ups coming on. You know your body, you know how many carbs you usually need in a day, so take that number and divide it up with veggies and more veggies.

The carb count you get from fruits such as apples is deliberately due to their sugar content. Vegetable carbs are much more valuable for sustaining energy and appetite-satiation, only without the sugar. Additionally, most vegetables are alkalizing, as opposed to many fruits which are typically acidic due to their sugar content.

I hope this information helps and that you give it a try, I had really stubborn acne that would crush my self-esteem every day- I totally feel for you. Keep strong, be patient with your body, and exhaust every natural method there is before doing something so dangerously permanent as Acutane.

Feel free to email me if you want. Just wanted to add one last thing. I advise caution against seeds as well for the time being. I noticed a lot of people here have commented on their use of topical medications as well as what they eat. Personally, my skin acts accordingly to what I eat over what I put on my face.

The winter weather has always been notorious for giving me dry skin and making my skin break out really bad. Not this year- not since going Paleo 11 months ago. You need to eat and drink as basic and gentle as it gets to let it heal:.

To this day I have consistently clear skin unless I get off the diet for an extended amount of time. I love your blog and your creative inspiration. I can relate to how you feel in spite of your other abounding, wonderful qualities.

Clear skin is yours for the taking and it is more than possible to achieve naturally so I hope you go for it! Try the pads with saliciac sp? So, one pad for half of your forehead, one for the other half, one for a cheek, etc. Wash my face at least twice a day this way. Get maybe one zit a month now! I went on a 6 month treatment with Accutane 4 years ago and my face has stayed relatively clear since.

I have not suffered any of the more severe side effects associated with it. I felt like I was constantly bathing in lotions and aquaphor. They closely monitor your liver enzymes and make you take all sorts of crazy tests to get on the meds which is annoying, but it made me feel a little safer taking it. Considering how bad my skin was and how desperate I was to get it cleared up…. But, I would exhaust all options before taking the plunge to try Accutane. Hope this helps Juli: I took accutane eight years ago and my skin is still clear.

On Accutane, my skin cleared up almost immediately with little to no side effects. I personally did not experience any of the moodiness although my doctor told me that it was really rare to become depressed anyways. The side effects that I really noticed were the dry skin but I have dry skin anyways. My lips peeled a lot so I was addicted to chap stick and used a loooot of moisturizer.

Also my nose bled quite a bit because my skin was so dry. I cannot recommend the medication enough though, it gave me hope when I thought that there was no other solution for me and I was destined to have gross skin for the rest of my life. It is truly a miracle drug. If you have any more questions about it, feel free to email me and I will give you all of the details! Julie- My teenage daughter has really suffered from skin problems and she has had great success with OBAGI acne products.

She said to me today mom look I am even on my period and my face is this clear. I have had acne issues since I was 16 I am now Ihave tried numerous oral and topical medications, pro-activ which ruined all my bedding , and every other type pf cleansing routine. The only time I still get pimples is right before my cycle.

I barely even have to wear make-up any more! Your skin will be dry and flakey for tye first month but will adapt. Juli, I feel for you girl.. I struggled severely on this front a couple of years ago and it seemed like nothing worked.

I would get so worked up and stressed about how bad my face looked and it spilled over in other aspects of my life.

And stressing about it only makes it worse. Look at all of the wonderful things you have going for you! You are an inspiration to all of us who read your blog.. Absolutely do not take accutane. I used to have a lot of skin problems too, have you been to the MD to check hormone levels because that can really influence acne. Birth control helped me but took several different tries with different medications to get the right one. Also check out acupuncture, it really works for everything!!!!!!! It honestly changed my life.

I got a pimple last night and was totally shocked to see that this morning.. I hope it all works out, because I feel ya girl! Primal life organics was the final piece of the puzzle on top of paleo.

I personally have to go the autoimmune route as well for my underlying skin condition, but these products are the only things keeping my skin clear. My skin looked better after a week. The stuff is expensive so take out a loan, but it is worth it. I take 8 capsules a day. So go do what Cheeseslave says you should. I know people that are sensitive to red meat and that makes them break out: You may want to try that. Also, when I went off birth control my face went nuts… it was so gross. I juiced tons of veggies and ate so many salads… i cut back on fruit and ate more chicken and turkey.

I drank tons of water and it cleared up quickly! Also this stuff changed my life http: I feel your pain, Juli.

I just started the autoimmune diet to see if it can help with some of these problems. I hope you find something that works for you. I took Accutane when I was in high school. Yes, it was serious stuff, but as someone who suffered from horrific acne which impacted my self-esteem I was the girl standing in front of the mirror with tears in my eyes…every. You will dry out like crazy. I was well monitored by doctors and did very regular check ups.

My daughter 21 , has been on 2 cycles of Accutane. Her skin looks fab right after, then it comes back several months later. She says all the same things you do. Had some good results but the acne always seems to come back.

I feel for you! Would you let someone else do that to you? I would stick to a low dose though to minimize all of this. It worked really well for her and she goes back on it from time to time. You might as well try it. There are side effects to drugs, but clearly this is really taking a toll on you. Do what you need to do! I have always had bad acne. I have been on a prescription of three things that has worked very well for me that a dermatologist put me on back in college.

Clindamycin phosphate, trentinoin cream and spironolactone pills. I have a policy with myself that I can not touch my face. Even sometimes when studying I end up with my hand on my chin and a pimple will pop up there.

I have not washed my face with any soap since I started and I went off of that meds trio i mentioned. For the most part, my skin does seem to like it. It does take time for skin to detox- and acne is a result of detox.

SLEEP is a huge one for me. Hope I can listen to my own advice too: I did it for 10 years, prior to that just had to suffer with lots of pussy awful pimples.

I wanted to be drug free so I got of birth control and Spironolactone and so far so good. I have a dairy and a soy intolerance so I have to believe that omitting one of those two things or both has led to my being able to stay off the drugs.

Acne so big sucks! Also, my naturopathic physician as well as the woman who does my facials both recommend Witch Hazel. Sounds like a gamble. Why oh why must we have so many ailments?! Hope ya get it figured out beautiful lady! There are a few huge threads on the internet of a bunch of people saying it had this side affect.

You have been a big help in finding great things to eat that are healthy for me. Have you heard of Nerium AD? The thing is, people that are using it are also finding their acne and scarring improving!

I just bought it for my son who has a terrible time with acne. It may be worth looking into. I had accutane when I was in my twenties and it did get rid of my acne but only for about 5 years and then it came back. Vitamin D is much, much safer than accutane — I definitely recommend you get your blood serum levels tested. Here is a book from Amazon on Vitamin D: Go low carb and especially cut out all sugar, and keep the amount of natural sugars such as honey and fruit very low.

Sugar is definitely the main culprit for me when it comes to acne. I always follow your recipes and they all look great but many of them have too much sugar for me, Perhaps cutting back on sugar could work for you too?

Cutting out sugar made a huge impact on my acne and going low-carb aided in preventing break outs from when I would go off my diet with other foods including sugary to fried ones. Juli, I did accutane when I was in my teens. But I also now have terrible digestion issues.

And my skin now breaks out as an adult. From someone who did it 2 HEAVY rounds , the price you pay with your body for clear skin that may not stay clear is not worth it. You are beautiful just as you are. If you would like to ask questions about the side effects and how my treatment went, feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help in anyway that I can. I pretty much have given up. Stay strong girl you have an awesome sense of humor and a wonderful personality.

I noticed that most of the people who commented here were women. One, I was just turned onto you site by a friend and I just happened to see a picture of you with your bright smile and beautiful hair and I think you are, well…stunning!

And I like your potty mouth. Two, I was on acutane for a year as a teen and it messed me up for a while. I was told by a doctor that I respect that it is, at best, a temporary bandage for a deeper issue. It is frustrating, as you know to try and get to the source of the real problem. I still suffer from acne, although not as bad as when I was younger. I wish there was an easy button for this one.

Please remember what you already know…. As someone who has had terrible acne since she was 9, I can totally understand where you are coming from. I had tried everything. Every medication, every topical, every commerical treatment, diet changes, vitamins, facials, oil cleanses. You name it, I did it. Did that more than once. Not even a small change. After fighting with my doctor, I finally gave Accutane a try. Accutane has done wonders. My skin definitely dried out a ton but my breakouts were better within a month def still there, but better.

My skin is less oily and more smooth. My sports med actually helped to convince me to go on it, and she had been on it when she was a competitive rower with no side effects. Its not for everyone, and it is a long process, but I honestly believe that the meds are a little less extreme than people make them out to be. Maybe its not the best thing for you, but neither are the constantly elevated cortisol levels from being stressed about your current acne.

I know thats not the fairest comparison, but as someone that really was worried and resisted Accutane for a long time, I really believe its worth a shot. I have never commented on a blog before, but some of the comments above prompted me to respond. I have suffered from sever cystic acne for 30 years. I am 41 years old. That is a long time to suffer with something that sucks really bad. I have tried every single suggestion that has been given to you above.

Every antibiotic, topical prescription, dietary change, supplement, gut-fixer, Proactiv, Unblemish, every natural skin care line, every organic skin care line, all of it, everything. No change at all. I have been on Accutane five times — five times — over the last 30 years. It will be painful. Lips and eyes will dry out.

Eye drops, Eucerin and Aquaphor will be your friends. However, these forms of treatment only provide temporary relief as most women see a relapse in symptoms. Now a variety of treatments used together is believed to be an effective way to treat and prevent HS flare ups from occurring. Treatment may be focused at targeting several aspects of HS including decreasing the bacterial load and the immune response, altering the hormonal balance, and improving wound healing 3.

Now that a hormone imbalance of higher androgens has been linked to HS, more emphasis has been placed at finding effective antiandrogen treatments. While not approved for treatment in PCOS, Spironoloactone, a weak anti-hypertensive medication, is a popular antiandrogen for this population. Metformin use may also be effective. One study found metformin improved symptoms and quality of life in patients with HS unresponsive to other treatments.

Metformin also has antiandrogen properties. High levels of insulin are correlated with higher androgens among women with PCOS; lowering insulin levels can reduce androgen levels. Androgens and insulin can be lowered with diet , exercise , and weight loss. Weight loss has shown to be improve HS as well 4.

Research examining the link between HS and diet is lacking. While there is no science-based evidence to support it, the paleo diet which involves eliminating grains, beans, and dairy, is widely promoted as the cure for HS on the internet. Since HS is an inflammatory condition, following an anti-inflammatory diet may play a role in treating HS.

Emerging research is showing that zinc can help with HS as well. Hidradenitis suppurativa in 64 female patients: J Cutan Med Surg. Update on hidradenitis suppurativa: Resolution of hidradenitis suppurativa after weight loss by dietary measures, especially on frictional locations. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. New perspectives in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa: Diet in the prevention of hidradenitis suppurativa acne inversa. J Am Acad Dermatol.

Combination of oral zinc gluconate and topical triclosan: An anti-inflammatory treatment modality for initial hidradenitis suppurativa. Very interesting Angela — a former HS patient noticed reactions from pizza and beer — she combined going gluten free with the LEAP diet and had great response.

Thanks for mentioning the Hidden Plague book, will check it out. I have started using essential oils to help this condition. When I have a flare-up it does not last nearly as long. I have been free of this for 2 years since almost eliminating night shades vegetables from my diet along with limiting eggs to one serve per fortnight. I also cut back on nuts but still include these just less….

I just went on a cruise and indulged in a few of these things a little too much and now 2 weeks later I have a couple of the cysts… After 2 years cured. I know it worked for me. Excersize and diet are key. And not being stressed! I also pop a vitamin everyday. I had HS around 10 years old, and no one was able to tell me what it was or what was causing it.

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