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John Bucknell designer of the Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket is answering questions
It's packed with probiotics to support digestive health and help bust belly bloat as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. How important is an Accurate read back. I started with the turbo charge and continued now for almost 3 weeks. Jets have way more thrust than necessary with all engines operating. Sliding cone inlet seems easier. Thanks in advance …. After years of service, it found itself discarded and stored at Copenhagen-Kastrup in Apr

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Cirrus SR22T: Tried, True, Turbo

San Diego small plane crash. He is just so good Well worth the length Second. He is just so good Well worth the length First Starts 8min. Has this really not been posted yet? Delta pilot snaps at ATL ground. Gear issue at El Monte. Brisbane closed due car on the runway. Who remember's this clip???? NYPD Helicopter near-miss with drone at night leads to arrests. Air NZ first crew training. United Diverts to ICT after slide inflates during flight. Atlanta controller joke causes go around.

Triple go around at SFO. Searching for Sun Country engine failure recording Boston Tower Explains the Winds. Tethered Blimp above Salt Lake City. Controller only side of conversation emergency N Delta Denver Center Audio possible bomb.

What does a can of Coke sound like being opened in an F, here's the audio. American Eagle first flight at ROA. Caribbean fuel emergency - Updated. KSAN - where's united ? SWA "I assume I'm not at your airport". PHDAI reporting flight conditions. Too Early in the Morning? Costera started takeoff roll without clearance. Phoenix Police helicopter "Firebird 7" hard landing.

SWA flight can't go higher than FL Follow the car with the blinking lights United B turbulence injures FA. Cessna NEJ down in Birmingham. So Many Vehicles on the Taxiways. Need my wallet back! F's dogfighting over the Atlantic, E-3B calling the shots. Great Save at SDL. You get better service here! Twin Commander Crash near Nashville. Military getting ready for Super Bowl. Bonanza lands at KADS with towbar attached.

Question on what happens if a domestic flight within Canada diverts to the US. Testy Moment at JFK. Sparks observed on Porter during takeoff Ottawa. Air New Zealand emergency landing in Melbourne.

A Very Slow RJ. LOT - "Say position". Question regarding Montreal Centre frequencies United B near Omaha on Dec 30th , captain incapacitated. A Spanking Off Disneyland in Dublin.

ATC asks Porter pilot why they are stopping in Ottawa for refuelling. Lindbergh Gear Problem. Pilot Invites Controller to Go Along. Delta slides off runway at KMSN. Proper Class "D" coms. Loss of Glideslope at JFK. KPWM Cessna engine failure. Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport. Delta go around. VP Biden clogs up Panama City. Allegiant Air Engine Failure. Delta Airbus A diverted to Ottawa on October 7, The Odyssey of Flight EagleFlight bad stuck mic conversation.

KBWI lightning strike audio. Pilto forgot what center he was talking to: Gear Pins Left in Main Gear. Point the Nose of Your Airplane at the Field. Rare cause for a go-around. This is scary - crew cannot understand plain instructions from Shanwick. Cutting it too close. Help Finding Audio Clip.

Air Force One - Shanwick Oceanic. Jet Blue Bird Strike on Takeoff. Animal on Dulles runway 1R Man drives onto Love Field runway, starts yelling "Jihad". Bad Luck for Delta Flt US Airways , smoke event in aft lavatory. What's your call sign? A real Channel Master. A tax break for you Loose dog at KBOS. American med emergency at sea, expedited JFK arrival. Cranky Air Canada Captain.

Sudden windshift at KBOS causes landing aborts. RKSO - Declared emergency for gear malfunction. HF recording - translation needed. Cloud Runner 76 Flaps stuck in takeoff. Air Canada Ignores Go-Around. Drone sighting at JFK. I need some subtitles.

Forced go-around at KORD. Looking for the audio from my first solo flight today at KOWD. EGF Bleed Issues. JFK twr a bit irked. Cactus air conditioning problem. KBOS tower, Automatic response AA pilot passes out. Odd signal at JFK. FedEx - tailstrike at DEN. Hungry Passengers, Thirsty Plane.

Heavy traffic at KBOS. Moe go-arounds at JFK. Severe turbulence, Windshear at TVC today forcing 2 go arounds. Birds disrupt operations at KBOS. Overwhelmed ATC in Barcelona. When you gotta go, you go.

Laser pointed at aircraft - "genitally challenged". Captain forgot to bring the duct tape. Who's right or who's left? Snowstorm frustrations at JFK. Election day at KBOS. Fedex B near Cincinnati on Oct 18th , engine shut down in flight. Volga-dnepr An taking off without clearance - YUL. AF1 dropping in for a nice friendly debate Peter never calls mark.

Jazz Dash-8 wake turbulence encounter. Scanner issue, antenna, or software issue? Coast Guard Helo shuts down engine. BOS twr misc comms. Question - Etihad go-around? LAX tower explains to American pilot new rules. JFK go aound time. Hospital helicopter breaks skid, lands on mattresses at KSAT. AFR Emergency at Moscow. UA bird strike at DEN. Olympic traffic on opening night. I won't laugh at you. I ought'a get paid extra for this Delta bomb threat at JFK?

Sikorsky pilot can't take "no" for an answer during EWR shutdown. LAX Flight check go-around. Can't understand female at JFK Tower.

If you're unfamiliar with an airport, it's not a good idea to fly there. Comanche makes an emergency landing in onion field. Eagle blown nose wheel tire ORD audio. Go and Touch at FRG. Unusual call by BOS twr. Near miss with unidentifed South of Denver. Air Berlin, "Good night, Lady! Bird strike while landing at ORD. Time for a question? Triple diversion, single pilot IFR.

Delta bird strike - loss of one engine - return to JFK. KFMY poor student in cross country! Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? Engine Vibration, Nose Gear Collapse. Expressjet hits lighting at KDEN, anyone got it? Jet Blue Radio Traffic. KTUL Wants to fly skydivers. Fake "best of ATC" commercial.

Jet Blue diverted to Buffalo NY for bomb scare. Audio quality and antenna suggestions. KPHL-baggage cart blown near the runway. Me-NCT In position, clears wrong aircraft for takeoff, then another to land. FDX does not want to go swimming.

CRJ has two flapless landings hours apart. AAL engine fire indication. We're not the cops Tower not helping guy outside aircraft threatening pilot. Snow time at KBOS. MAH refused approach at Sofia,diverted to Budapest.

Windy day at KROC. I need to subtitle for this ATC help Christmas with Boston John. Words you don't want to hear: JFK humor as usual. Cirrus goes down at KSDL. JFK Tower gives free wind checks. Morristown tower can't see you behind the hill to the west? ATC lingo question from neophyte. ATC GS determination question. BWI bird strike with an oops. Cirrus SR down in Everglades.

Jet Blue stranded on tarmac for over 7 hours. Qantas grounds all flights. YPAD - Approach assisting pilot in restricted airspace. Interesting DEN approach last night. BE35 icing emergency with SoCal. Tight traffic at KBOS. Controller asking pilot for low pass - people watching first time A landing.

This is JFK, right? Delta 31 medical emergancy. Minor miscues at KBOS today. PIREP for birthday calls? Alaska Oakland to Kahului - Struck flock of geese on takeoff. JFK count your blessings. Square Dancing Champion on board. This guy's not too happy Red Arrows Transit to Leuchars. KJFK partial comm issues??? HAL Declaring an emergency.

BOS tower runway incursion. JFK controller's daughter and granddaughter onboard. American emergancy landing. Burgas Approach speaks very interesting. F Runway Overrun at Oshkosh. KJFK birds on runway??? AA Engine Fire. EGPD recording "aberdeen offshore". A question on Ozone? Southwest jet lands safely after engine failure. Turtles take over JFK Airport. Engine out and fire at KEMT. Cancelled take off Clearance - JFK.

The Cup Comes Home! Vintage B crashes west of Chicago. B Forced Landing, Aurora Tower. Air Force One "Missed" Approach. Vancouver Canucks San Jose Ground. Mooney, minimum fuel into Teterboro. Cathay Pacific emergency landing at Singapore's Changi Airport. Helicopter photoshoot ticks off LAX Tower controller.

Thunderstorm tango at KROC. Nature call at JFK. RNO tower sleeping on the job? AFR 7 Super vs. Comair at KJFK. Emergency landing at KMSY, smoke in cockpit. Dodger Stadium B-2 Flyover. Jet Logistics crash at Greensboro, NC. Sun n Fun airshow wx damage report. Phillies arrive at KPHL.

De-icing and "You forgot your people?!? John's Because of a Medical Emergency. Jfk humour as usual. Laughing with KBDR tower. KSAT turns into an ice rink. No rest in San Luis Obispo. American Stuck In Chicago Lufthansa at JFK, not happy! How long is too long? TWA , per request. United 15 birds and snow. Southwest Emergency divert to Oakland. Jet Blue Audio. Heathrow Approach - Handling the snow closure. Good Evening from the Flightdeck. My first tower comms. Cracked windshield event at KPIT.

Kite traffic at JFK. Cessna A N crash. Emirates KJFK suspicious packages. Twice times twice at KSLC. Runway incursion causes collision at KCLT. Fatal crash at KFRG. Old Habbits Die Hard. Unknown vehicle on runway in Winnipeg. No delays are allowed in Kennedy. Area 51 ATC from October Qantas engine explodes or some other small problem.

Making the best of it at JFK. Another short clip from Shannon Navy Carrier Air Traffic Control. Old control tower recording. Police chase on Love Field tower recording. SKW gear appears to be up. Not on this frequency! Oshkosh "Collision" on Fisk Arrival. Shannon Controller and "Speedbird" pilot - little morning chat in good temper.

Audio comparison of using a filter to improve reception. Prankster on ATC Frequency. Help Setting Up a Feed. Harrison Ford Landing Oshkosh. Green laser shined to Cockpit of Adria Flight - recorded conversation. Continental have no fear, cross 22R, good luck. United Maintenance - Captain's window needs repair and cellophane tape? Brand new 31L at JFK? Flight of 2 F's into Boeing Field. KJFK balloons on runway. Delta turbulence diversion.

Funny thing heard on ORD departure. Dual landing clearance for two aircraft at LAX? Blackhawks Landing in Chicago after winning the Stanley Cup. Was that a NO!!?? We need another minute, "ok I am Going to time you".. Delta Possible Security Breech, Return to the gate! JFK Tower recommends driving lessons. Technically he's a peckerhead!

American Overfly Airport Jetblue Multiple Canada Geese strike. New Shanwick Feed from Dundalk ireland. UAL 27 Fire in the Cockpit. JFK Plane decides to go home upon advisory from Tower.

Air Force One lands in Buffalo. Mechanical trouble forces landing at Newark COA9. AAL busted engine. KBUR Runway incursion Midwestern fireball - probably meteor. Dodger Stadium - Opening Day Flyover. It can be so hard to leave JFK.

Easter earthquake in Baja. Who can hear what the pilot said? AAL 70kt overtake on landing. Can anybody help me to figure out what the two pilots say in the transmittion. NZ Malibu Crash in Roanoke. QFA5 Emergency 30th March. Tail strike at JFK. Just another day at Whiteman Class D. AA - Pressurization problem Pilots having fun at KBOS.

KBOS wind shear go arounds. United KSNA Just another evening with Boston John. Controller in trouble for letting child direct air traffic at Kennedy Airport. Spirit Landing with Eyes closed!! Snowstorm makes things hectic at O'Hare. SkyWest and United are Wing Men!! Controller Wants A Vacation!

Air Canada Out Of Comm. American B near New York on Feb 21st , burning smell. I want your job Sure is quiet here - ZOA in the morning. A Moment with Boston John! ZOA testing the patience of Cathay pilot. Palo Alto Plane crash. Cessna Engine Emergency over So Cal. Marine Controller flying through our airspace so we messed with him. An exchange with JFK Tower over the effect of deicing agent on runway.

Cessna touchdown on NJ Turnpike. Unidentified sound discussion on Air China "communicating " with ATC edited. Cactus "on the miss" - KROC 1. American and United both go around! Whats the bottom of a super like? You have not moved an inch! JFK Just a few interesting exchanges. United hydraulics problem getting gear down to SNA.

Austral pilot makes emergency landing in Tucuman, Argentina. Another Glorious Day In Paradise! CYA in American Eagle style! Alaska Medical Situation. You might get shot down".

United Aborts Takeoff!! FLG - carbon monoxide in cockpit. For a Good Cause. That Guy Looks Familiar. Good Dog and Little Kitten. Our Furry New Friend. Saddest Turtle is Sick. The Origin of the Swamp Monster. Hard Times for the Mummy Man. Just Watch the Sunset. For Your Comfort and Safety.

The Cherries of Wrath. Saddest Turtle Is Stuck. Stuck in a Tree. Somewhere Over the Bermuda Triangle. Swim with the Fishes. Cleaning Out the Fridge. A World of Possibilities. Trip to the Museum. If You Love Something. Up In The Air. What Have You Done? The Dimension of the Snow People. Lost in the Desert. How to Cook the Perfect Turkey. In the House of Taters. Punch Monster and the Halloween Costume. I Quit This Planet. This Bar I Heard About. Crouching Shopper, Hidden Needle.

War and Piece of toast. Message in a Bottle. An Assortment of Saddest Turtle. Scenes From Clown College. Even More Robot Cat. A Day at the Beach. Sitting like a Human. Small Wonder of Nature. A Wolf Howls at the Moon. The God of Lightning. Turtles on the Court. The Legend of The Turbo Cat. Moths to a Flame.

Punch Monster and the Thoughtful Gift. What Do You Make Here? Thank You, Veiny Dog. Slept like a Rock. Reborn without a Cause. Trick or Treat Saddest Turtle. Peas in a Pod. The Center of the Earth. This Sword is so Sharp. Back to School Blues. What it Means to be Alive. A Gift from a Cat. Oh My Gosh A Bear. The Game of Basketball. The Essence of Being Human. The Ol' Flower Pocket. In a Coal Mine.

A Guy Walks Into a Bar. We Have a Guest. Consulting the Master II. A Guy Has a Problem. Ben Franklin at the Dentist. The Guy with the Really Wide Smile. The Tragic Life of Annabelle. Life on the Desert Island. Wishes for a Newborn. Punch Monster and the New Year.

Magic Carpet Ride 2. Council of the Gods. The Smell of Pizza. Too Early for Halloween. Being Mistaken for a Bear. The Thing That Crawls. Man in the Moon. Oh Dango, it's a Mango. If These Bones Could Talk. The Amazing Melting Guy. How About Some Sugar. Saddest Turtle Loves Snails. Watching Your Stuff Burn. Do You Want This Snake?

Scrubby Meets the Vortex. Saddest Turtle Goes to the Moon. Rocks On My Head. The Princess and the Tower. Show Me Your Moves. The Last Pig in the Universe. Have You Seen This Cat? The Freshly Planted Tree. The Best Nurse in the World. What Do We Have Here? The Center of the Universe. Saddest Turtle Joins a Club. The Snake and the Fuzzy Thing. At School, No Clothes. Do You Hear Something?

Sissy, September 7, Written by a customer while visiting nutrisystem. This is great using a Stick Blender. Tastes like a chocolate shake. Steve, August 19, I am not a fan of artificial sugar. I just began my Turbo Takeoff. I had tried the shakes in the past and did not like the after taste of artificial sugar. It was no different today.

I can still taste it hours later. I will try it with iced coffee and hope for some improvement. I am doubtful though. Suzie A, August 6,

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