10 Low Calorie Cocktails You Can Order Anywhere

Long Island Iced Tea

Low Carb and Ketogenic Beer Options
Carbonated beverage, lemon-lime soda, contains caffeine - Carbohydrate. Earlier glass bottles had all been hand-blown. Shake, fast food, vanilla - Carbohydrate. Orange breakfast drink, ready-to-drink, with added nutrients - Carbohydrate A wonderfully aromatic North African lamb casserole with a citrus tang - great for dinner parties.

Drinking on a Diet: Alcoholic Drinks That Make You Fat

Low-calorie dinner recipes

The problem with getting that many calories in your diet from a single drink is that it provides few, if any, beneficial nutrients to go along with those calories. Hawaii Dreaming Green Smoothie Recipe. Eggnog, a perennial Christmas favorite, should be limited to a once-a-year treat.

Made with sugar, egg yolk, milk, heavy cream and brandy, rum or bourbon — just one of these festive drinks will increase your saturated fat, cholesterol and calorie intake significantly. Before you even add spirits, some versions pack more than calories per cup.

According to registered dietician Molly Kimball of the Times-Picayune, one cup of eggnog can have the equivalent of 15 packets of sugar and exceed the saturated fat in a Big Mac. Swap the heavy cream for skim milk and use a natural sugar alternative, such as stevia, to shave calories. Drinking one mai tai may take you away to a tropical island, but it won't help you look your best in a bikini once you get there. Although recipes vary widely, a mai tai usually consists of different types of rum — either light, dark, spiced or coconut — liqueur, pineapple juice and orange juice.

Milligan says you should be wary of bars that use ready-to-drink mixes in bartender-speak, RTDs because these can contain more sugar than those made with spirits and juices. One three-ounce brandy Alexander — a decadent drink made with brandy, dark creme de cacao, heavy cream and grated nutmeg — contains about calories and seven grams of saturated fat. According to Milligan, many bars serve cocktails that are double that size. To put this in perspective, the American Heart Association recommends getting no more than seven percent of your daily calories from saturated fat — about 16 grams per day on a typical 2,calorie diet.

One six-ounce brandy Alexander could supply almost your entire daily limit. For a skinnier drink, substitute two-percent milk for heavy cream. The finished product will be thinner but better for you. Any drink made with sour mix should be avoided as they typically include tons of sugars, preservatives and color additives. Add that to an already syrupy sweet liqueur like amaretto and you've got a dessert, not a beverage. A six-ounce amaretto sour can have more than calories.

If you're watching your weight, this could definitely stall your efforts. If you can't abstain, be sure to have only one and make it with fresh lime juice instead of sour mix and a dash of simple syrup, honey or agave for sweetness. If you're a beer drinker, you might be surprised to see your favorite quaff on this list.

Well, it depends on the beer. Beers can vary by hundreds of calories, for instance MGD 64 and Budweiser Select 55 are some of the lowest calorie beers, with 64 and 55 calories per bottle, respectively.

Other beers, however, can total more than to calories a serving. Raise your glass in toast; tis the season for low calorie bikini cocktails. Pass on the extra Happy Hour calories instead. Many simple drinks can easily be transformed into low calorie recipes. If we did the refrigerated juice aisle at the grocery store would be nonexistent.

So would the bottled juice aisle. Both juice aisles contain numerous flavorful low calorie juice options to use in low calorie drink recipes. Low calorie, Light or Lite juices make low calorie living and cocktailing easier than ever.

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Are sugar alcohols bad for you? Side Effects Polyols belong to FODMAPs, that is f ermentable o ligo-, d i- or m onosaccharides a nd p olyols, which are poorly digestible but can be broken down fermented by normal large intestinal bacteria.

If you are counting carbohydrates for a low carbohydrate diet how do you count sugar alcohol? June 30, at 7: Kim, you do not count sugar alcohols as carbohydrates.

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