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W ordered the same thing we had gotten in Waynesville and it was like night and day. Got the potato and it was old, disgusting, and inedible. So ridiculous and demeaning. I was ignored by the staff. I have never been treated so horribly in a fast food restaurant. There seemed to be too many employees in the kitchen, they were literally tripping over one another and laughing and having a grand ol time.

The dining room was empty and there were two orders ahead of me being filled at the other end of the counter. The customer service was worse than horrible and honestly I have no idea how they have maintained the franchise. I work for wendys in Genesee county MI and i tell you everyone that works treated like crap! I have work for this restaurant for about 7 years the past year has been worse! Many managers are underpaid many dm are over paid to do nothing but send emails. There are going to be several managers leaving soon because of the they treated this company is going down.

Iwas at wendys on west ave in jackson michigan. I drove 15 min to get there ordered a apple pecan salad with no bleu cheese. Drove another 15 min very excited to get home to eat, only to open my salad to find bleu cheese. Normally wouldnt complaine but i am highly illergic to dairy. When i opened the container i breathed in the cheese. Now i have hives and am itchy.

And to top it off im still hungry but i know im not wating my money at wendys again cause they could have killed me.

When I call ask for my paycheck she says there a week behind in payroll. I just left from Southridge rhl Blvd location south Charleston, wv. I ordered a baconator combo and my burger meat was raw and bloody I called and told the manager about it and she was like what do you want me to do about it. Denied refund and replacement of my food even after showing her and having receipt. Tamiami Trail in Naples, FL. Knowing that it was NOT yet season here I expected the normal, great meal. My tray was sitting on the counter, with only cold fries on it.

I went back to the filithiest mens room i have ever been in. I deceided to wait. Contact me if you got the nerves I dare you to show that you care…. How come this pain in the neck was having a fit—THEN I told her well I will let corporate know and she said go ahead and refused to give me a receipt she also almost forgot our drink with our order but thankfully my son remembered he needed his drink before we pulled off—though my son was extremely disappointed to not get his FROSTY I think she was extremely rude and there was zero excuse for this behavior.

I just can not believe how rude she was!! People that are off work going behind the counter getting things. The only responsible workers are the girl and boy working the drive thru. There needs to be a adult in charge. My husband and my son that has special needs went through the drive-thru and my husband told them to hang on a second because he was trying to figure out what my son wanted.

The personal litetally yelled at my husband. My husband pulled up to the window and asked to speak to the manager. He explained what happened and the manager didnt want to hear it. The people working in the back girl was blowing kisses to my husband while everyone behind the counter was laughing and waving and making fun of my husband while that rude manager yelled to my husband to go somewhere else.

What the hell is going on. This is how a manager and crew Members act? This is aboslutely disgusting. This needs to be investigated look at the cameras. Will never go back and ill make it my mission that everyone knows the story. Went to one of your locations last night in coventry RI, and received the totally wrong order. Just rude, ghetto type employers. Should I cry racism????? Once I approached the window to pay for my order I asked for the Manager. The male manager was at the window and I told him about the situation.

He simply said I have spoken to her and was sorry. I guess customers can get treated anyway and nothing is done about it…….. Like to relay how i was treated and not herd correctly. Surely there was an misunderstanding but how they responed was uncalled for. I used card and the girl didnt finish listening that i wanted to give her cents in change. She looked at me ugly with weird smile. She could have said the card went through with no problems.

While i was waiting: They all were looking at me as i was crazy with a wierd look, on their faces. I reached out to customer care to inform them of the incident. They ensured me someone would reach out to me and compensate me for the incorrect order. I reach back out to them yesterday was on hold for 15 minutes tried again today was on hold for another I decided to leave a voicemail and nobody had the courtesy to even call me back. I will take my business someplace else and tell all my friends to do the same.

Extremely Disappointed that the service from the restaurant and the corporate customer care line. After repeated visits, my requests to have the Frosty filled to the top of the cup remain unsuccessful. He said that it is their standard procedure NOT to fill cups to the top; furthermore, he said he wanted the name of the previous employee who did fill the cup to the top because that employee needed instruction.

Cups are routinely filled about an inch and a half below the top, and they usually contain an air pocket in the bottom; thus, about a third of the product is missing.

Is it really necessary to skim off the top in order to increase profits? Had lunch today at your store Being in the retail business myself for over 40 years I know how hard it is to come upon good employees, I think you have a keeper with Jennifer…. I remember the days when you ordered a single with cheese and got exactly what you see in the pictures that are advertised..

Not only were they cold.. Chicken sandwich was dry and old. Fries tasted like they have been sitting there all afternoon. Will not be coming back!!!! Store Reseda, CA Complaint: I spoke with the Manager Adriana once I discovered hair in my food I called her within 5 minutes of leaving the drive thru.

Once I returned I was treated so bad she actually called all the employees to the door as she rudely argued with me and called me a liar. Then the coworker said Wendy herself put the hair in my food they were laughing at me and the manager referred to me as a XXXXX.

Then Manager was speaking Spanish and they all start laughing at me. I am handicapped and I never in my life been treated like this. If you can review the camera at Around 9: Here are the pictures. I had to request my receipt 4 times. I know that everyone has a bad day from time to time but this woman was down right rude. Apparently she told my son many times to quit being a XXXXX and to suck it up and do his job which at that point in time was dishes. His hand has been wrapped in an ace bandage until swelling goes down to be casted and from what another employee stated that my son told her that he was doing his dishes and he told her that he would be a little slower in doing so.

She again told him to quit being a XXXXX and my son turned to her, unwrapped the bandage and rapped his knuckles onthe sink to show her that his knuckles were broken.

Then he asked her if he was supposed to suck his ownself like a pacifier and not say anything when she repeatedly was calling him a little XXXXX and lazy after he had asked her to stop it. This manager told him if he didnt like it to get off her line and clock off which he did.

Your son is a grown man and should behave as such she further said. She had also threatened to call the police because my son rapped his knuckles on the sink. Now she not only put down my son but then she was putting me down. On raising my own. I am a proud mother of 5 sons.

No other manager at this Wendys has ever had an issue with said son and a couple were very surprised at this. Calling me a bad mother in so many words.

Telling me my son is lazy after she told me last month that he was a good worker is incredible! Telling me that he is violent. I hear bad things about your corporate office not doing anything about bad employees but I really hope you do reprimand this person and investigate the matter. There were 2 other male employees that witnessed this tonight , Thursday, August 31, If Wendys doesnt care about what their managers or employees are doing then maybe 2 News needs to hear about it!

They were pretty busy and even got one of our sandwiches wrong but the manager quickly resolved the issue and I was was like wow that was awesome and she did a great job!! As a former Manager for a fast food restaurant I found this very wrong on the managers part I never had a problem with a customer coming to my restaurant with something else as long as they also purchased from my establishment. I was so upset I wanted to tell the manager that she was wrong for talking to a customer that way!

Right out side the entrance door and puffing away at her cigarette her second one since I was at the restaurant by the way, I was so shocked by the first impression she had given me then to everything changing. During Hurricane Harvey in Houston. When you finally made it to order, they said cash only. I told the guy it was not cool to allow these flood victims to wait hours in line without knowing it was cash only.

He just blew me off. They should have had a sign that says cash only or someone out there warning these people. These people had family waiting for food at home. The grocery stores had a two hour wait to get in while raining heavily for almost nothing to choose from. Management at this store should be reprimanded. There were 2 people ahead of us.

We waited until 8: We got our not complicated order at 8: There were more employees behind the counter than customers in front of the counter. On August 5th I had the worst incident and was given NO help.

My arm got caught in entrance to Wendy;s The door was hjeavy I could bare;ly oprn it! My arm was ripped open! Was cold had lack of respect!! The food we did receive tasted horrible. My child even spit the fries out and he loves fries.

Was so terrible most got thrown away. I really think ALL your employees need to have a college education!!!!!! Because Every wendys i go to cant make my hamburger right!!!!! I said hamburger… NOT cheeseburger!!!!!! How hard is it to read an order???? My grandson and I went to the store and there were 5 customers all one family and one which was an employee of the store ahead of me. I patiently waited as they ordered a very large order.

Then the woman who took the order she later told me she was the manager walked away from the register and began filling the large order.

After several minutes, my patients grew thin, as did a couple of other customers who were behind me. I asked for the manager and she informed me that she was the manager.

I stated that she needed more help, to which she started making excuses without as much as an apology. As I walked away, I informed her I would report her to corporate, which never fazed her. I called for my grandson to exit with me and she immediately went to the register and asked the guy who was behind me if she could help him. You talked about rubbing salt in a wound! If it were my store, which was very obvious she cannot manage properly and is untrained in people skills , she would not be a manager.

You need to make some kind of adjustments to your management situation at this location or you may lose more loyal customers in the future. We just left eating there and the cleanliness of that location is positively disgusting. It has been that way for months. Believe me it is a real turn off. It just gets worse as weeks go by.

It is not being maintained. The carpeting is so filthy that it is like walking on liquid soaked sticky carpet. Even though the tiled floor portion appears to look clean it is so sticky your shoes stick to it.

The tables and chairs are never thoroughly cleaned. I feel like calling and reporting the unsanitary conditions to the health department. The place looks so run down and unappetizing. The drink dispenser ice maker is always on the fritz more times than not and the diet coke selection is frequently empty. The soft serve is usually way to runny, like a thin milkshake. No one seems to have the brains to suggest giving us the cups to return to the counter to get good soft serve upon finishing our meal.

We can sit there and count the people streaming in to the restrooms and going back to their cars. The high volume leaves the restrooms in undesirable conditions.

That was kind of a turnoff too. I dealt with an extremely unfriendly drive-through worker. The lady was so unfriendly it prompted me to look at my drink before consuming it. When I opened the lid there was a mucus like substance floating on top of my tea and to add insult to injury one of the chicken nuggets looked like someone had taken a bite out of it. I am highly upset and have been using every outlet possible to voice my concern.

Service like this is unacceptable and I have taken pictures to prove it. Went to the wendys on south fort hood st. In killeen ,texas today saw 2 employees coming from the daquiri andsmoothies next door the food was totally horrible ,this is brand new store for poor food and really poor employees.

You have two registers and most of the time only one is operating. The line just gets longer and longer. There is an ARMY of people scurrying around the kitchen; actually a lot of them look like they are just pretending to do work.

What are they doing? Why is the service so slow? The one person taking orders is also filling them; in the meantime she is taking no more orders to get into the pipeline. The line of customers gets longer and everybody waits and waits and waits… Does the drive-through line get top priority while the walk-ins get pushed to the bottom of the stack? The guy in line in back of me today complained loud and long about the wait, the service, the lack of service.

After church today my mother, father and I went to one of the four Wendys in the city where they live for lunch. Right as we were going in a couple coming out said you will wait forever to be waited on.

They had been waiting for over a half hour and still had not gotten to order. We thanked them and decided to head to a different Wendys. My mother had ordered a salad and told the young man who waited on us she wanted light french dressing, ended up with ranch.

I once again went up and approached the same gal whom I asked for a lid and told her that we did not get the right dressing. So you cares about the customer? Sad state of affairs, but so true. I went in to the Lake Park GA location to be surprised by how bad the employees were being treated and degrated by a manager.

She was yelling at this poor girl who was just as sweet as could be in front of us while she was taking our order. The cashier tried to continue to take our order while she is getting yelled at over asking will this be dine in or take out.

The lady yelling could have waited until we were finished ordering and pulled the girl off to the side. I asked the little girl who that was and she stated that it was their general manager Shannon. As me and my husband set there trying to enjoy our meal all we could hear was the same lady yelling and being disrespectful to all the employees.

Maybe someone needs to step in and have a talk with this general manager and teach her about customer service and how to treat employees. To me it looks like the little girl who again was as sweet and pleasant as can be could teach her something. I came through your drive through at 8: We went back to the store and asked to speak to the manager and he said he was and we showed him the wire and he acted like it was no big deal and offered us another sandwich to which I stated that he needed to get the paperwork to make a claim about the incident only for him to say let me go get my general manager.

I figured I would come here so I could express what happened this evening so in hopes of it not happening again. I just want to tell you one thing. And good hamburgers and other food. There is blantent favoritism there. We get told what to do and what not to do when the general manager is there, and when theyre not there. The back of the cooler and the back of the fryers have caked on grease and dirt.

The ice machine is never cleaned out fully. They never clean under the drivethru pop machine even though it leaks. Most of the managers are realted to one another in one way or another. We never deep clean unless the big wigs are coming. Mangers disappear for long amount of time without anyone knowing where they go. Thats not even all of it. But i think you get the picture. We ordered our meals and sit down to enjoy our lunch. The cashier called the manager and informed her about my complain.

I waited for several minutes because there were a lot of people in the restaurant. It was a really hot day and he had not had enough water when he rode his bike to your store.

A store employee recognized that he looked over heated and a little dizzy. Someone at the store got him water and some cool paper towels and sat down with him. He and his buddies then had lunch and when he felt better continued on their bike ride. I appreciate that someone took the time to help and the initiative to do the right thing. I hope you send our appreciation and a thank you their way.

Well that is not the case anymore my husband will no longer eat at your restaurant. They were on their way out of town as they were munching on their food my husband bit into the burger and he thought it was going to puke he said it taste like rotten meat.

It also smelled terrible. He did try to call you but got no answer so I decided to email you. The restaurant in question The address is S. Broadway, Minot, North Dakota Thank you for your time on this. The first unacceptable interaction was the cashier taking the order as we repeated numerous times our order, then the cashier yelled at us that she heard us.

After we paid for our food we pulled up to the next window where a gentleman handed us a water, but mind you the cashier clearly stated the business did not have any water. The gentleman the closed the window and looked in confusion, as to why we were still waiting. My boyfriend asked where was our food, with the look of confusion the gentleman asked for our receipt to take care of our order.

The fries looked old the burger was cold and not edible. We asked for a refund because of the circumstances. I will assume the manager had to give us a refund and when she came to the window, she handed us our money and then turn her back on us. I came home after getting order in drive-thru and having to correct my order at the window twice.

To get home and find that the Jr. The only thing right was the fry.. I never get handed a receipt at this store. I called the store to speak to manager and explained nicely what happened. Had to explain 3 or 4 times about what was wrong. Not one time during this part of the conversation was there an apology. That was the only time I heard yes, sorry and nothing else. My hair is not black in color. I had actually stopped going to this particular store due to the fact that they always leave something out of my order, food, silverware, extra requested dressing, something always.

I felt disrespected by the manager over the phone, like I was lying to him about the frosties especially. I will not return to this store, 1 second chance is enough.

I understand people try to get free food all the time, but I am not one of those kind of people. Very disgusted with your store at Richmond Rd. Please commit to the same comprehensive chicken welfare policy that dozens of other restaurant chains have already pledged to adopt! I ordered a number 1 from the menu in Mankato, Minnesota. After indulging in a couple of bites of the burger, I noticed that the meat was pink.

I brought it to the attention of the clerk and she said they would make me a new one. She was very nice. I heard her yell back that she needed a new burger and to make sure it was cooked. We got there between I had to follow the line with the brass poles where I noticed an older lady with red hair, I think her name was Elaine.

I ordered a meal for myself and for my husband. While I was waiting for my meal I noticed that she was overwhelmed with taking orders and the other workers were on there cell phone and being very rude. They were not helping her at all. There was a lady in particular that was very loud and rude-she has blonde hair and glasses. I was unable to see her name tag. Once the older lady finished taking all of the orders, she took out the trash and came back in and cleaned the bathroom.

She still seemed to smile and wish us a good day. Shame on them for treating the older generation so poorly. I had to take the time to submit my observation because I would not want someone to treat my mother like that. The workers had that poor lady doing everything while they sat there scrolling on their phones mocking her.

I have no idea where the manager was but he or she needs to be more involved. If you would like to contact me, please email me and I will reply with my phone number. Its not just the elderly or that location. I work that position in Newton Kansas and get treated the same way. I even got thrown under the bus by my manager last night to the customers for taking too many orders when the runner was just standing in the back chatting and the fry station guy wasnt keeping up his job either for me to even fill orders myself.

Been numerous times to store N College St. This time 1 combo. Went of lunch ordered two spicy chickens dinners med. Well they was not made right it was the regular chicken with cheese.

So I called in and they replaced the meal and the person at the window was very nice. But when I got home and looked at the replacement the chicken was burnt and dry. The fries was greasy. I was very disappoint, but did not call them. As I have never had such a bad experience at Wendys. The manager was Sophia and was nice as well. I was expecting to be pay the first five days I worked. So apparently there is no money on my card from the first week and who is doing payroll not sure.

I would like to have what I worked for sent to my card. I would like seek further actions on this because Im loving the experience of working there and hate to have to quit for this. She then said come to the window. I looked over the order on the screen before driving up and I seen it said barbeque sauce. I spoke into the speaker and said I would like honey mustard not barbeque sauce.

There was no response so then drove up to the window. When I got to the window she flung open the window and said I was not greeted and I was given the same attitude I was getting over the intercom. I then told her I wanted honey mustard not barbeque sauce. She came back to the window and nearly threw my bag and 2 drinks at me and slammed the window shut. I looked back into the restaurant and there was someone else by the window I waved and said I was missing a drink.

I looked at the man and asked him to speak to a manager. I asked him what was the woman name, as she stood right behind him.

I told him I would be calling the corporate office. I was extremely upset by this point my children were in the back seat and were visibly scared and upset. I drove home and called the corporate office and spoke to a man named Scott he took my report and stated someone would be calling me shortly.

I yet to receive a call from anyone. One day of orientation from 9 to 2: We pulled into the drive thru window lane with 4 vehicles in front of us that were at the order taking device. I will assume there were more vehicles from there to the drive thru pick up window as these vehicles were not moving for at least 15 minutes.

By the time we arrived to place our order there were at least another 5 vehicles behind us. It took at least another 15 minutes to get to the pickup window for our order. I ordered 3 of your large Strawberry Mango salads with 3 extra packets of dressing and 3 medium chocolate Frostys.

I believe the Frostys were poured upon the order so that by the time we were handed the frozen treats they were melted and by the time I finished driving home — in my air conditioned vehicle- to consume them, they were more chocolate milk than anything else. I did receive 3 salads and only 2 packets of dressing.

And one salad was void of the feta cheese and another was void of mango. There were no extra packages of dressing as stated on the receipt. To address the drive thru window. We sat at the window for another 5 minutes before the shift manager instructed the young man to advise us it would be another 2 or 3 minutes before our salads were ready, and he relayed that information before turning his back to us again and closed the window.

When this young man handed us our order he said thank you and I specifically asked if the extra packets of dressing were included he said yes without looking at anything and closed the window.

Since we had experienced the long wait in the drive thru lane we decided to just drive out and did not check our bag before leaving to see if everything was there other than to confirm 3 salads. At this time if there had been 2 more vehicles in the drive thru lane waiting to place orders, we would not have been able to leave the window. Other restaurant chains will send out an order taker to curbside to expedite the process, this did not happen.

Nor did anyone apologize for our wait. I am writing let u know that i no longer working at wendys i resubmitted a app to restart working at wendys. And the utilpro wouldnt even let me into my username or password for me to restart can u please resend me the utilpro please and thank u.

Left a very bad impression on us. I placed my order and waited for 3 other cars in front of me to run through the line. After receiving my order I stopped at stop sign just around the corner and opened my frosty and it rolled out onto my hands.

I turned around and returned to store to get another or my money back and found the doors locked after midnight.

Then got back into car and returned to the line and again waited to get to the open window. This woman should be fired and should not be dealing with the public. I went to this restaurant recently and the experience was dismal. I advise wendys to shut the place down and the health department to do a surprise inspection. No one responded to the initial complaint and I was promised a call back.

You people must all be Democrats by your actions! I worked at a wendys in Fraser Colo for about 3 weeks. They are constantly looking for help here and it is a small town. When i started work it was great got along with everyone. Well there is a shift manager there that is about 19 yrs old and he has the worst attitude i have ever seen for someone that works in customer service.

And then i watched him work on the front registers and a customer cane to ask for something and he rolled his eyes and said really are you kidding me and stomped off. Well the other day i was working on fries and was dpung good for the first time and he got mad at me yelled and told me to get gim fries for an order and i asked him whst haf happend to the ones i put up there cuz they were there and he told me to to do what i was told.

Now remind you im 37 yrs old and my 18 year old son dont even talk to me this way. And then he walked off talking crap about me for about 20 min. And about 20 min later im told to go take a 10 min break in the Middle of a rush i told the manager i would to just let me finish the order that was on the screen cuz i was waiting for the fries to finish cooking and cuz i said that i was told to clock out and go home and then said i was fired by the 19 yr old and yhen threatened to have the cops called in me if i didnt get out of there.

And now havent been paid. Also i tryed to call the store manager and never called me back. And i really think this is why they cant keep employees. So i just think this needs to be looked into. So im starving like everyone else on July 12th around pm. So i say yes can i have a 4 for 4 please she replies with a huge sigh loud enough to hear her and asked which sandwich i wanted.. Shes going on with a coworker about some story passes my stuff i ask for sauce she stopped talking gaucked at me like excuse me for interrupting, she continued to talk during the exchange i said im sorry excuse me i need another one, she paused again with the only attitude as if i was being rude interrupt8ng her conversation and places the dressing in my hand with force.

I rolled down my window gave her a few words explaining she does it again and ill be speaking with her supervisor. She laughed and said ok. So i asked for a supervisor. You cnt even tell it was a supervisor she looked like crap so i was guessing they were pretending?

So naturally i asked if there was another supervisor on hand, of course there wasnt. So i explain the situation and she says im sorry i know they so much trouble all the ti.

I literlly explained to the Supervisor that she is still lughing. The supervisor smiled and said i know! I looked at her like woww this is crazy, wendys really allows garbage like that to work for them?

Im leaving this comment here and im still going to contact corporate, i couldnt beleave the ppl they had there, the girl truelly laughed the whole time i made my complaint to the supervisor and of course the supervisor is laughing as well. Like you can go home, idk how you became supervisor. My sister worked for wendys maybe about 5 yrs and just quit in Jan and she couldnt get a supervisor position that she wanted. So excuse my french How in the hell did this woman get promoted?

When she is atrocious to the company and my sister who did her job, respected and new everything there is to know about that place not? Wendys is falling off big time. I ordered a large chili with cheese, 4 for 4. When I got to the window to pay for my food there was 3 workers standing there conversing with one another about what they did outside of work.

The chili that was handed to me was only half full without the cheese, the fries were cold as well as the nuggets. I asked for my chili to be corrected and for some fresh food. I got lots of attitude and more cold food.

I then asked to just be refunded and that also seemed to be a problem for the workers. CST at W. Fairfield Drive, Pensacola, FL. I ordered the queso fries and I was not pleased at all.

First, the lady at drive thru acted like I was bothering her by coming through drive thru. Then when I get to the pick up window, she gets my card for payment, but she just kept looking at other employees and talking to them while trying to get my payment.

She hands me back my card but it almost dropped to the ground because her back is turned to the window and she is constantly talking to other employees. The picture that described queso fries was not what I got. It was just crap. I was not pleased at all. Here is my email to contact me: I had an appointment at 6: The girl on the prep line was just leaning on the prep counter staring at me. There was family in front of me and two ladies that were giving their order.

I had to leave because I had no more time to wait. This restaurant is right next to the Hershey Park amusement park. It gets very busy yet the management still seems to do nothing about it. I would never go there on a weekend day because the wait could 30 to 45 minutes.

This is a fast food restaurant!! They are awesome but they sit between a Pizza Hut and a McDonalds so customers would just go next door if they had to wait as long as you wait at the Park Avenue store. Looking at some of the other complaints, you should really get your act together. Maybe you should do what McDonalds did when I worked there part time.

They would time us for our service to our customers and then reward us for performance. Our restaurant always received prizes because we were committed to serving our customers quickly and accurately. Customer service seems to be a thing of the past.

My daughter just finished high school and got her first real job for the summer at wendys in wellsburg wv and its sad to say it was a mistake for her ever since the manager cecil left it has going down hill and know theres a manager in training by the name belinda and a employee and friend of belinda named davie these 2 have done nothing but treated my daughter like a dog and write her up for stuff thats not true all because of a boy that worked there talked to my daughter and davie like him so now my daughter lives in hell every time she goes to work she is picked on i thought wendys was a family oriented company well i can tell you the one in wellsburg wv isnt and corporate better step in and hire all new people before the store ends up closed up not one manger nows what to do this this is a big red flag im so disappointed and very upset its taking all i got not to goto the store and and speak up for my daughter to the worthless managers that r working and running this restaurant.

My son is a high school student who was hired a month ago at the Uhrichsville store. The manager has yet to put him on the schedule. He has to call everyday and almost beg to work. This one manager gets in his face and is the rudest person. Nobody should treat employees the way this manager does. You can call that location and ask any employee what her name is. Ice machine was rigged up dr pepper need changing service was really terrible cashier talking about walking out leaving the line got order wrong location west Evans street florence sc still going on right now disrespecting senior citizens.

It was just after 3am and we were tired, sleepy and starving. My boyfriend was dying for a burger when we finally came across this location.

Of course, not a great way to be greeted especially having our hearts set on a fresh burger. My boyfriend is not a fast food type of guy so he starts asking questions about the chicken wraps. This manager is answering his questions as if he was a four year old. She just looked away.

I ask her for a lemonade and I tell her no ice. Given the hour we were the only guests waiting for food. It literally took forever waiting for the food. If she shut her mouth and stopped chatting with the co worker in the back maybe the service would of been more efficient. But apparently she felt it was more important to talk and finish the conversation. After reading the reviews on the Yelp page it seems lots of people get poor service.

And then after paying for food the lady came to window to let me know that the vanilla frosty machine had already n shut down. I live in Girard pa i use to work at wendys. Avising know one to work there i work there for a month n a half and they still didt pay me the money they owe me they owe me about hundred dollar checkk for my first two weeks i work there i put in about 80 hours worth of work and they didt pay and the next two weeks.

Worked about 25 hours that like a hundred and fifty. It really should be looked into. The help is something to look into, they are running down the business. A friend got a kids meal yesterday and a piece of the frying basket was in the French fries. Is this how to run a business?

Please look into this store. We go at least 2 times a week to a Wendys, thats one of the reasons I bought stock in the Co. Everytime I visit there the bathrooms smell of bleach and they are always spotless. Kudos to the Manager and his team good job. She went to diaper the baby before leaving and left her purse in the booth. After being home for some time, she realized what she had done.

She called, talked to the manager and was told that it had not been turned in. She called the city police and they went and looked at the video, but guess what, a tv was blocking the table where they had eaten.

If the table was cleaned after their group left, the purse should have been seen. A tv, nor anything else should block anywhere in that restaurant. No need having cameras, if they are not going to record what takes place inside. I have not yet received my tax return. I even called the bowling Green office and they said they would print one out but it never got here.

I even had to get an extension for taxes Please help me. The cashier that was operating the drive thru was very rude. This was around 6pm after I left work and picked up my babies from daycare. Once i completed my order the pick up window was clearly where i physically saw the angry cashier that had a look of irritation on her face by me ordering food at this restaurant.

The management needs to have a pep talk with their crew before there becomes a serious issue with staff and customers.

I will make sure that I warn others to avoid this restaurant. My best friend is syore manager at McDonalds and her crew is always friendly even when she is not at work.

Good luck with this location staying a float if a restaurant with better customer service opens in this area. The posted hours for the lobby are nowhere near this time. There were other customers inside as well. I do believe someone needs to talk to the manager of this store, stated above. I drive past this business every day as I head to work. It has become a landmark to not only our community of Lubbock, but of our neighborhood.

WHY is corporate taking our fun away? Where is the smile I would get every day? It is done in great humor! They are very polite and give service as none other. They have great management.

Accountability conflict There is an issue that is unresolved at a store located in island Park NY: I put in an application there and was temporarily hired for one day. The manager kept telling me to come back to the store after repeatedly making excuses for a failure in responsibility.

They claimed that it was an issue due to a decline in sales because of the holiday. That was not the case. I was called in October for an interview, completed a portion of the test, and appeared for 3 weeks. She is slack-handed in the hiring process and inconsiderate to how empty promises cost others in time, energy and funds. She says things without having any intentions on living up to it, so by the time I get there this behavior comes to past and she has a problem facing up to it.

She works but does not want to do the job. This is her attitude all across the board. I am an adult with similar responsiblities to pay bills and etc. So for her to be inconsiderate of another adult qualifying for the job and letting the ball just drop should be considered when this is brought to her attention.

Further, do you not know the dammages behind this slack-handedness? Also when i come into the facility she acts like she has an attitude problem. Alta fought for the position as general manager while this was going on and clearly, she does not deserve to have it.

She made my effort to be there in vain and had me to purchase non-skid shoes. And now live as if she can do anything at her disposal. Other people was hired since that time and there is no way that they hired people without the thought of what happened to who was not hired due to this issue. I placed my order once again. A person, then preceded to inform me that our system was down, and we are no longer accepting orders. The next thing I stated was, that you should turn off your lights..

That in it self would have been fine for me. I backed up within the drive though and ask him just why he had so, after my simple questions, his responce was a replete of his juster, Another Flip off..

I wanted to take his photo though the window, but he quickly disappeared. I was so angry at this point, instead of finding a Manager, I decided to come home and write this email to the Corporate Office. Not always the right then.. I am a Hospitably Worker for over 43 years as I have stated, and I have been with my current Employer, Aramark now for 10 years now, and If I even ever thought to do something like this, I would no longer be employed anywhere, Let me also state, that I am an African American gentleman of 63 years old, so please believe me when I say, after a long shift of giving the best Customer Service that I can, I have much better things do do at this time, than to be writhing a negative review about another service employer, that is somewhat taboo for me to be reporting another service worker, because we all stick together as one, because we all know just how hard we all work for little rewards, or praise that we rarely receive..

This person should seek another line of work, or perhaps be enrolled in some Anger Management courses. My name is, Paul If you even care as to I wrote this email,. I can say without question I will not be back. I ordered my food and specifically requested fresh food. Ordered a bacon burger by the way.

She lied about the food being hot, tried to not give me my drinks. She looked deranged and not bathed for weeks.

That manger should be fired, no questions asked. A real stain on your business. I heard other people in town talking about this. I got no straw for my medium drink , fries were so undercooked and unsalted that I had to put them in a microwave when I got home. The homestyle chicken sandwich only had a saddest small piece of wilted lettuce and a little mayonnaise it. Given the undercooked state of the fries , I kept checking the color to indicate the doneness of my sandwich.

Each car ahead of us waited 5 minutes or longer to get their food once they reached the window. I understand they could have been short handed, however the problem is the fact that once you are in line, you cannot get out without jumping the curb!!!! I hope no one ever gets in line and has a medical emergency or has someplace they need to be at a certain time. I will never make this mistake again. One of the drink machines was out of several drinks apparently, so the people in front of me took forever to get drinks.

I was not as picky, however, by the time I got my drink my food was cold and tasted pretty bad …. I Filled out a survey and asked to be contacted. I got an email from someone named Marybeth Reinke, that said they cared about their customers and said they will give me credit…..

Can someone please contact us? I ordered a strawberry mango salad tonight at 5: They are located on Manchester Road bthebca Robinson Avenue. Got home and just started eating it when I pulled a long black hair out of my mouth, checked salad and more it it as well. Took back to store and gave it to the manager which said sorry do you want another one? I asked what their were no hair nets being worn especially since the girls had long hair flying around.

I am posting this all over Facebook and will tell everyone about this experience. I just loved throwing up because of this nasty experience. Nasty place, employees be smoking marijuana allday, every day while they on the clock,manager be selling employees marijuana.

Newbie not properly trained EVER gets an entry level position 2. But WAIT……here comes another promotion just because this once newbie stuck around the longest…so where are we in this promo chain I think the TeamLead is now a Shift Manager and still knows squat!

The only television advertisements I see are for cars, cellphone carriers, cheap jewelers, lawn products and insurance. No more toothpaste, deodorant, antiperspirant, soap, mouthwash, antacid, Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Prilosec, Pepcid, Pepto Bismol, late night music collection commercials, aluminum foil, clothing detergents, hair products, fast food restaurants, candy, toothbrushes, clothing, shoes, hotels lullaby on broadway!

They have one now that seems to play every other commercial break. You know, the kid who eats broccoli and then beats his dad at basketball? I think some of the "disappearing comercials" phenomenon has to do with the abudance of niche channels that weren't available back then.

Shilling home improvement products? Unless you're watching kiddie channels, or "television for women," I doubt you'll see a cereal commercial often.

FYI, Space Sticks was that really their name? Speaking of which, I haven't seen a Tootsie Roll commercial in decades, but I still see one of the original commercials for Tootsie Pop now and then. How many licks does it take? Sorry R, I haven't seen or noticed a Green Giant commercial in years. I do agree with the rest of your post though. Ban, which used to be manufactured by Andrew Jergens Co. Large manufactures of consumer products such a Proctor and Gamble have sold their "matiure" lines to other companies Smucker's owns Jif peanut butter and Crisco shortening.

The only reason that I know All Detergent is still available is that its parent company used to underwrite a jazz program on public radio. Earlier posters mentioned Blue Bonnet margarine and Royal Pudding.

Both were owned by Standard Brands, once the second largest food company in the nation. Standard Brands merged with Nabisco to form Nabisco Brands. R no I'm 22 years old in Canada. And some of the stuff being mentioned here I remember seeing when I was a kid. Although it wasn't the most popular stuff, I remember seeing them when my mom took me grocery shopping.

I remember that as being a nice, clean smelling shampoo back in the days when I had hair. Certainly not as many as in years past. It all seems to be cars, insurance, tech stuff, prescription drugs and class-action lawsuits over side effects of prescription drugs.

I was in the dollar store today. I saw Ultra Brite "mother never told me about Ultra Brite toothpaste. I also saw Rise shaving cream. Rise was the first nationally advertised aerosol shaving cream. It used to be manufactured by Carter Wallace, now it is made in China. Products that still exist but that are no longer advertised.

Imagine the money they save. I steal pine needles from the forest and make my own exfoliant and cereal.

Alberto VO5 started in the fifties, dearest. Coast soap Though it's not the same as it used to be and I don't use it anymore.

Still see Tab Cola once in a while. I'm going on a trip and really don't want to take my gigantic wallet with me. I need to be able to buy it at a store. Bed Bath and Beyond maybe? Buy it at Dollar Tree. This thread certainly has it's half wits: No one is stating otherwise You could practically strip paint with Prell shampoo. That was some harsh stuff. CAMAY - it has lingering cold cream don'tcha know. Cause nobody doesn't like Sara Lee! Isn't that a double negative?

Pearl Drops "tooth polish. Woolrich used to advertise in house porn magazines all the time. La Choy Chow Mein -- brought to you by a dragon Muppet. Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Creme.

R25, is this what you're looking for? R25 the aluminum wallets are now being flogged in Harriet Carter and Walter Drake catalogues. Bed Bath and Beyond, or Walgreens, R Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Chevrolet still spends Billions on advertizing R Ty-D-Bowl yes, you can still buy this. Colt 45 Malt Liquor. For the dynamite taste! It really was R I even remember the gift box it came in. I thought she looked familiar! That last "date" she had was hot.

Dash laundry detergent Punch laundry detergent Cold Power laundry detergent Tackle household cleaner with bleach Clorox Co. Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo jasmine scent for oily hair that was amber colored. All these products smelled and looked so good and represent the best of times. Bring back the original scent of Lifebuoy soap. Cigarette ads were ubiquitous for many years and now they're all but illegal. It was the first vodka sold in the US and the official vodka of the Romanovs.

I don't see it anymore but it apparently still exists as a bargain brand. Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific! Is it live, or is it Memorex? Vidal Sassoon, because if YOU don't look good. WE don't look good. For Angelenos of a certain age: Lever soaps and body-wash. Does anyone else remember coolers?

What did we drink as teens? The closet guys tried too hard--Marlboro reds and Bud. This is a boring thread. Please do not start boring threads in the future.

Webmaster, please close this thread. Calgon, take me away! R is traumatized by all the things he missed by being born too soon. That stuff is good. And it's even better as a mixer with vodka citrus or peach vodka. I know cigarette ads have been mentioned, but wasn't the hunky Marlboro man a notorious gay? They used to run ads for it ALL the time! Weigh it for yourself honey. Everything tastes better with blue bonnet on it.

I knew a girl named Margarine. It was pronounced Marge-are-eene. But she was as sweet as butter. She wouldn't let me do her, so I turned gay. It's still at the market, but microwave popcorn has taken over everything. La Choy makes Chinese foods, swing I can't believe I read this whole thread. Anyway they redid the commercial so it said La Choy makes Chinese foods, swing Miss Natalie Wood for Raintree Perfume. I've seen ketchup advertised everywhere. R, Is it true that Kim Basinger was the main Breck girl?

The Brawny man beats on girls. Have not read this thread, but is Bosco hot chocolate mix still around? How about Shake and Bake fried chicken mix?

Yes, I'm getting old. Easy-Off makes oven cleaning easier. I use them all the time but I never see them on TV. We used to eat those all the time, washed down with Orange Tang. For example, Raisin Bran is ubiquitous, but no longer advertised on TV. I'll answer my own question. It was Oxydol, which is still produced. R94, you can still buy Aqua Net. And Porter, I love the tigah lilly Crogenics, anyone love being on ice? Folgers doesn't advertise much anymore.

Taster's Choice--my father would drink no other kind of coffee. Folger's Black Silk rocks for supermarket coffee. I loved it before I quit coffee this year. Bic lighters - "He's flicking his Bic. Just because YOU don't see it advertised doesn't make it so. You 'mos only look at porn anyway.

Phisoderm can still be found. It was a facial cleanser for acne. I don't watch commercials anymore, so how would I know? I'd add prescription drugs. Which, btw, is a fantastic product. I don't see Chips Ahoy! Lori Davis hair care. I haven't seen a commercial for Swan Soap or Royal Pudding in years.

Do they still make Prell with the pearl in it? Yes, they still make Prell but no pearl inside, sorry. Whisk ring around the collar, ring around the collar Final Touch fabric softener All Detergent I think Whisk and White Rain are both owned by the same company Rose's, a southern discounter, carries Tone soap.

Butterworth The only reason that I know All Detergent is still available is that its parent company used to underwrite a jazz program on public radio. My local dollar store carries Joy dishwashing liquid "I can see myself! Imperial Margarine Aim tooth paste. The first TP marketed for whiter teeth. It HURT to use it! We've apparently got half the guests from Shady Pines Rest Home posting here No, Ogilvie Home Perm.

Give your breath long lasting freshnessssss, with Big Red! I also saw Brut. Used to be a Fabarge brand, now it is made in Mexico by Helen of Troy. It was canned dog food, not dry. The label said it was manufactured for Del Monte.

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